The Best Beach Wear For Curvy Girls

Once upon a time (and what a very inconvenient time it was), curvy women were somewhat forced to settle for dowdy, sack-like beachwear that drowned their beautiful curves in sad floral prints, or worst case scenario, in the most basic black colour. Luckily, no more.

My dear ladies, having a curvy body does not necessarily call for loss of personal style. By no means. With summer being just around the corner, it would be a fashion crime not to visit your favourite beachwear Australia store and take a look at the latest designer proposals. With the so many options available this season, it can be pretty challenging to sort out through the dull to find the dazzling. It is no lie that the regular type of swimsuits are all over the stores in multitude of colours and designs, but do not give up just yet, your special piece that flatters your body is somewhere out there. Just stay focused on what you are looking for.

For all those of you who are hesitant what type of swimsuit fits your curvy body best, we have pulled together the most stylish beachwear Australia made pieces to help make your summer the hottest on record.



One of the new hottest trends for curvy girls is the midikini – a new piece of swimwear which toes the line between tankini and bikini. This cute mix offers slightly more coverage than the traditional two-piece designs and resembles a sexy bustier-style top that offers more support for women that are lucky enough to have ample chests.


There is something in the summer air that makes you feel positive and eager to show off your tanned, glowing skin. Oh well, summer and showing skin surely go hand in hand. From just a bits of skin in a one-piece swimsuit to full-on slashes in your bikini briefs, explore how far you can go in revealing that goddess-like body and what boosts your self-confidence. You’re sexy and you know it.

Sheer Inserts

Just like Victoria’s Secret fragrance ‘Sheer Love’ left women world-wide in awe, you too will certainly have all eyes on you while roaming the beaches in this sexy piece of beachwear. If you are into the cut-out trend but are a little too shy to show that much skin, avoid the dull look of regular one-piece swimsuits and go for a sheer swimsuit this summer. The sheer bits of fabric will show off your sexiness in so many ways. You go girl!