The Best Electronic Throttle Controllers in 2022

A quick google search will show you that there are literally hundreds of different electronic throttle control units available. Choosing the right one can be difficult, which is why I’m here – to highlight the 3 best throttle controllers, and show you what each of them excels at. But before I get to that, let’s have a brief talk about what these devices are, and how they can benefit your vehicle, regardless of whether you use it to commute to work, go off-roading or hit the track on the weekend.

What Are Electronic Throttle Control Units?

Electronic throttle controllers are plug-and-play devices that alter the signal sent to the ECU when you press the acceleration pedal. Your factory throttle signal is set up in a way that makes for smooth acceleration, rather than an instant throttle response.  Electronic throttle control modules alter this signal, allowing the throttle to open up the moment you push your leg down to the pedal. These devices are easy to install – all you have to do is find a suitable place on the dash, and connect the wires to the sensors located under the pedal. 

best throttle controllers who are electronic

Electronic throttle devices can adjust the throttle – making it more or less responsive, depending on how you intend on driving your vehicle. Commuting to work and are stuck in traffic? Lower the responsiveness for improved acceleration control. Need the extra shove when towing a trailer in the dirt? Make the throttle more responsive to get the extra kick. Most electronic throttle control units come with a range of settings, ensuring you always have the right response for the situation you find yourself in. The best part? You can adjust responsiveness with the push of a button, without taking your eyes off the road.

Best Throttle Controllers

SAAS S-Drive

The SAAS S-Drive is one of the best controllers, suitable for modern vehicles that use the fly-by-wire throttle tech. That being said, it won’t work on vehicles that feature a mechanical accelerator cable. Most fly-by-wire cars have throttle lag, which the SAAS S-Drive eliminates by adjusting throttle sensitivity. It comes with a lifetime warranty, which is unheard of in other models. You can choose between 5 different modes:

  • Comfort Mode
  • Sports Mode
  • Eco Mode
  • Performance Mode
  • Factory Mode

This makes the SAAS S-Drive suitable for towing trailers, caravans, or when you simply need a better response. It also suits all types of transmissions, as well as diesel and petrol engines. It’s completely plug-and-play, and you don’t need to perform any wiring. The controller interface panel dimensions are 53x35x8mm.

Ultimate9 Throttle Controller

This throttle controller is Australian-made, and suitable for most modern vehicles. It comes with 9 different mode settings, and a 2-year warranty. The Ultimate9 is also a plug-and-play device, taking a maximum of 15 minutes to install. All you have to do is unplug the throttle pedal’s plug, secure the controller into the pedal, and clip the plug back into the top of the controller. The 9 different mode settings and 20 tuning settings allow you to adjust the throttle response to suit your specific needs. The key 4 modes are:

  • Factory Mode
  • Ultimate Mode
  • Eco Mode
  • Automatic Control Mode 
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ShiftPower Throttle Controller

This throttle controller is made in Brazil, comes with a Bluetooth app, as well as a 3-year warranty. The key reason people opt for this throttle controller is due to its long warranty, which is the result of the company using high-quality, certified auto parts. The smartphone application connects through Bluetooth and allows complete adjustment through the different settings. This means that you get as many as 300 settings, allowing you to fine-tune your throttle’s response. Moreover, it uses a virtual dial to dial the power settings. The small dash remote is discreet and sleek. All of this makes the ShiftPower the go-to for many people.

What Makes a Good Throttle Controller?

As you can see, the warranty is one of the things I emphasise on every model. You want a throttle controller that comes with at least a 2-3 years warranty. The reason for this is to ensure the materials are of high quality, reducing the failure rate greatly. 

Moreover, make sure the company that manufactures the unit provides great customer support in case you have questions or problems. Overseas companies can be difficult to communicate with, which is why many people stick to Australian-made units. The best companies offer phone support or live chat to assist you with any issues. Some of them can even chat with you over social media.

Next, you want to buy a quality product without overspending. The best throttle response controllers are made with quality in mind and generally last a long time. They also provide a wide range of modes and settings that allow you to fine-tune your response. Bluetooth connectivity also comes in handy, so you can adjust the response from your smartphone.

Last but not least, installation should be easy. All the aforementioned units are plug-and-play, allowing you to install them in 15 minutes or less.