The Best Summer Fragrances

Prestigious and luxurious fragrances are symbols for status and wealth. They contain special ingredients people are willing to pay any amount for. These perfumes are signature scents created by your favorite celebrity or fashion brand, which makes them even more popular among consumers. If you like to be in trend, then find your unique style, your unique flavor and buy it. Although, summer has not officialy began, we are all getting ready to soak up some sun. That is why we have decided to show you the newest summer fragrances of 2013.

  • 007 James Bond – Ocean Royale
    This perfume is created based on the success of the original 007 perfume. The fragrance is the latest addition to Ocean Royale and its scent is subtle and brings memories of warm and long summer nights. The perfume has exotic tones of lime, bergamot and anise with added sandalwood and guava. One spray of this potion will embrace you with the scent of summer and will take you to a warm and sunny place.

Escada perfume

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  • Escada perfume – Cherry In The Air
    The Escada fragrance, Cherry in the Air is designed to caress your senses with the scent of fleshy stone fruit – cherry. Inspired by the colors of the cherry trees, the fragrance is sweet with notes of coconut, marshmallow and raspberry.
  • Armani – Diamonds Summer
    Armani’s Diamonds Summer returned in 2013 in its latest version for men and women with summer fruit flavor. The new Diamonds Summer men’s perfume contain tons of lemon and mint with flower and water patterns. Women’s perfume contains musk and amber along with roses, peonies and raspberries.


  • Calvin Klein perfumeCalvin Klein perfume¬†– Eternity Summer
    Calvin Klein is one of the most popular brand perfumes and it was no surprise when this brand decided to release another summer fragrance, Eternity Summer. This fragrance is created in two versions one for male and one for female customers. Women’s perfume contains notes of white musk, amber and sandalwood and the men’s perfume contains tarragon, seaweed and wood.


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