The Features And Benefits Of Grove Rough-Terrain Cranes

Grove is a crane manufacturer with rich history of producing innovative lifting machines. Today, Grove is one of the leading crane manufacturers thanks to its wide range of mobile hydraulic cranes, including rough terrain cranes, truck-mounted cranes, industrial cranes and all terrain cranes. These cranes have the lifting capacity from 8 to 450 tons. The rough terrain cranes from Grove are specifically designed to perform on any ground conditions, while keeping the performance and the productivity on a high level. Like the all terrain cranes, the rough terrain cranes provide the operators with great comfort and eliminate the fatigue. Thanks to their reliability, high-quality features and easy-to-maintain parts, the all terrain cranes and rough terrain cranes from Grove are considered as one of the best on the market.


So, what’s the secret of the Grove terrain cranes? Could it be the many innovations and smart technologies? Or the high-performance cabins that allow the operators to be very productive? The technologies and innovations that are mentioned are included with a purpose to increase the productivity on a job site and to save contractors money. The cabins of the rough terrain cranes, feature glass on all sides, providing the operators a clear and comprehensive view of the load. The interior is designed in a automotive-style for increased comfort, and features an ergonomic dashboard for easy operation. Additionally, the cabin can be rotated up to 20 degrees, which is very important for the longer boom cranes. The tilt also increases the overall visibility and comfort of the operator, even if the boom is fully extended with a jib.


The secret of the rough terrain cranes from Grove might also be their incredible maneuverability. They can easily maneuver around the job site thanks to their four-mode steering and driving: front only, rear only, crab and coordinated steering which allows the operators to get closer to the lift. These modes are controlled by rocker switches and steering wheel, which means that the operators do not needed to stop the machine when aligning the wheels. Also, like the all terrain cranes, the rough terrain cranes from Grove have front and rear cross-axle differential locks, ready to be activated during operation on tough terrains.

The rough terrain cranes from Grove can offer many other benefits, but these are considered as the best so far according to many contractors.