The Frenzy of Little Changes: Money Still in Pockets – Home Design Skyrockets!

As the old saying goes, it’s the little things in life that make a difference. In home design, this concept also applies big time. It sure takes more skill, but since it requires less money, we all think it’s worth a try and that’s where the challenge of it all lies.

For those who seek the extra convenience of the click, nowadays we are able to find utterly amazing homewares online and have them delivered at our doorstep in no time without breaking the bank. So there’s no excuse for your surroundings to ooze with anything less but charm. Here are some simple ways to make your home feel awe-inspiring without having to move heaven and earth.


Not Thinking Outside the Box Makes Your Home Look Like a Box

Unexpected elements have the power to capture the attention. However, if your space is rather small, these elements also need to have function. So instead of getting some décor element that has no additional purpose beyond aesthetics, you could get a multicolored, zigzag or geometric rug, a giant clock or a uniquely shaped lamp. However, remember that you have to consider the existing patterns you got, so do opt for something bold, but only if you don’t already have a rather intriguing accent piece.

The Right Lighting Makes Everything Much More Inviting

The beauty of so many things can go unnoticed if not properly lit. In the light of this fact, you ought to make sure you don’t merely rely on ambient lighting, but also include accent and task lighting. So for instance, if you are about to purchase homewares online or from a physical shop, such as a giant clock for instance and you plan to place it in the area where you have a sofa, this is the perfect chance to play the card the power of three. By opting to also get a floor lamp and place it as to illuminate the area around the sofa, you’ll create a spot of great interest.


What If you Display What Others Usually Downplay

A tray, a flower, some potions – how could these three complete a décor story? Well, the right question is in fact why aren’t they a part of every bathroom story? This is the simplest way to spice up this area,. You just have to make sure the containers of your potions look attractive, the tray is classy and simplistic and you can even add a few scented candles and wa-lah! – A little corner of bathroom joy for you to enjoy.