The Ideal Scents That Will Boost Your Well-being


You don’t need a doctor to tell you that you look and feel your best when happy. But even though you are aware of this, there is always something that steers you away from the path of happiness. Now, what’s stopping you from feeling great? Is it your hectic daily schedule jammed with everyday tasks or maybe those ‘quick’ bites of junk food? Whichever it is, imbalances in your life reflect on your body. Thus, a poor diet low in nutrients, stress, anxiety and lack of sleep create tension in your body and have great impact on your wellbeing. And while it is nearly impossible to follow the prescribed ‘happiness’ list, there are quick and easy ways to boost physical and mental functioning.

You’ve heard of essential oils, but are most likely not aware of the benefits they have when it comes to boosting your productivity. Because they are extracted from pressed flower petals, plant leaves and seeds, essential oils are loaded with all the remedial elements the plant contains. It’s well known that for centuries people have used these oils to kill germs, prevent diseases and cure illnesses. Apart from these benefits, essential oils also impact overall feeling of happiness, which is why doctors recommend sniffing these elixirs of wellbeing. However, the best way to keep a veil of these miracle scents around you all day long is by spraying on a nice perfume. We have singled out few fragrances that will not only boost your mood, increase level of happiness and relieve stress, but will also leave you smelling incredible.


Feel Younger With Pink Grapefruit – Studies have shown that certain scents affect our perception of age. Thus, if you want to feel younger, spritz yourself with pink grapefruit. Marc Jacobs perfume scent, Daisy is just what doctors would prescribe. This seductive floral-woody fragrance is enriched with aromas of pink grapefruit, violet, gardenia, jasmine, white woods, vanilla and musk. Perfect for both day and night, this dazzling perfume will not only take years off, but will also make you feel sophisticated and seductive.

Say Goodbye To Headache With Lavender – We are all aware of lavender’s relaxing and putting-to-sleep benefits. But that’s not all lavender is known for. This flower is a perfect solution for headaches and powerful migraines because it contains esters which sooth nervous system. So, if you feel a headache coming on, spray a perfume enriched with scents of lavender, such as Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely.


Breeze Through Menstrual Cycle With Rose – The flower that surely deserves all the attention is rose. Ancient civilizations used it for various medical purposes, and today it is known that it helps relieve PMS and menopause symptoms, improve hormonal balance and even boost female libido. If you’re feeling any of these symptoms, use perfumes loaded with rose. Guerlain fragrance, Insolence, is a bold fragrance enriched with rose, violets, iris, musk, sandalwood, raspberry and orange blossom. Launched in 2006, this perfume quickly gained worldwide recognition and is ideal for any woman regardless of her age. Provocative, modern and sweet, Insolence will

Boost Concentration With Peppermint – Feel like you have no energy at all? Take a sniff of peppermint oil and increase your physical performance. Also, if you have hard time brainstorming, spray on a perfume that features peppermint notes. Scientists say that the molecules in peppermint oil stimulate the part of the brain that controls concentration. Thus, to boosts your concentration and energy, spray on Toni Guard’s perfume, Mint. This perfume will instantly boost your mood with its stimulating aromas of peppermint, mandarin, lemon, orange, lily, amber, driftwood and white peach.

Ideal Scents

Fight Depression With Jasmine – Like lavender, jasmine is also known for its nerve-soothing power. However, recent studies showed that jasmine is a miracle worker when it comes to fighting depression. Therefore, use jasmine-based perfumes to uplift your confidence and optimism. Issey Miyake perfume, Absolue, which was launched in January 2013, is intense yet soft with notes of blooming jasmine, freesia, lotus, vanilla and woods. 

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