The Ideal Table Setting For Special Dinner


If you’re preparing special dinner for your hubby, in-laws or few close friend, there are several important rules you should follow for this dinner to be ideal. Aside from delicious food and quality wine (type will depend on the foods you serve), to ensure elegant dinner you must have a flawless-looking table. Before we give you a step-by-step guide on how to set a table, lets go over food and wine. Try to prepare something different and steer away from you usual weekly menu. But here’s a tip – if you do not have time to cook or are not good at it, solve your problem with catering service…and do not worry, no one will know. Just make sure food is served warm.

Now, how about wine? Choosing proper wine is a serious task. Thankfully, type of food you plan on serving will determine if you’ll spend an evening sipping red or white wine. It is always good to start with a glass of white wine. But if you know little about wines, research online which type will go best with chosen foods and buy wine online Australia.

Of course, a dinner is never complete if table is not beautifully set. This is the best way to prove yourself as a hostess and here are some tips. Keep it simple. It is best if tablecloth is white as you can always add some color with nice napkins, napkin rings, candles, etc. It is recommended to use fabric napkins, neatly folded and placed to the left of the plate or on it. The tablecloth should fall evenly on all sides with the ends hanging at least 15 cm from the edge of the table. Chairs on one side should be on equal distances from each other, leaving enough space between the table. Opposite chairs must be aligned too.

Utensils should be placed 2 cm from the edge of the table in front of each chair. The plate for bread must be placed above the left fork or above the utensils for spices. On the right side of plates, place spoons and knives and on the left, place forks. They must be placed vertically and 1 cm away from the plate. Keep in mind that knives need to be placed with the blade side towards the plate. Dessert utensils should be above plates as follows – fork needs to be closer to the plate with the handle to the left and above it should be the spoon (or knife depending on the dessert) with the handle to the right.

Now arrange the glasses. Start with the glass for red wine and put it exactly on top of the knife (but not the butter knife). From the left of the knife put the glass for water which is a bit higher than the wine glass. Never put a bottle of water on the table – it’s simply not beautiful. The glass for white wine should be placed in front of red wine glass. If you plan on serving champagne, arrange the glasses behind the glasses for red and white wine.

Include a beautify flower arrangement but make sure the bouquet and candlesticks do not block your guests’ view. And you’re done. All that’s left is to cool the white wine, light the candles, get dressed and wait for your guests to arrive. Enjoy your special dinner with exquisite food and incredibly tasty wine online!

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