The Importance of Dog ID Tags

Puppies wearing dog collars and tags are the cutest. Everyone who comes across you and your dog while you’re taking a walk in the park can stop to play with little “Fluffy” or “Bella”.

While dressing up your dog can cause skin problems or make him/her feel agitated, a dog collar with name tag usually goes unnoticed by the animal. So, this can be the perfect chance to add a stylish statement to your pet. You can pick from a wide range of ID tags – from basic military-style to cute, heart-shaped tags in a wide range of colours or with glitter on them.

However, puppy identification tags are more than just stylish accessories. After all, their main purpose is to help provide crucial information about the animal. Once you get a dog, one of the first things you should do is browse the range of puppy identification tags and find the perfect one for your pet. Let’s explore some of the situations in which this accessory can be very useful.

Great Info in Case of Loss


Dogs are mischievous and like to run around and explore. Sometimes it can be a challenge to keep an eye on them. Let’s say you take your dog to the dog park and it joins other dogs for a run. You may not even notice that your dog went on an adventure, and before you know it, it’s out of sight.

But even keeping your a dog inside your home or in a fenced-off backyard doesn’t exclude the chance for it to escape. And once this happens, finding your pet can be a challenge. A dog ID tag with your contact information on it will help other people identify your dog and call you or bring your dog to your doorstep. Knowing that their name tag has all the needed info would reduce your stress and worries in case of loss. Someone will surely find your pet and make sure to bring it back to you safe and sound.

Keeping Records

Today, ID tags aren’t as simple as they used to be in the past. Besides the name, dog ID tags should contain detailed contact info and other info that’s important for the dog’s well-being. You can choose even more modern form of dog tags such as those containing microchips that will not only help track the location of your dog, but also keep a record of its health with important information such as vaccinations and diseases or issues such as therapy, deafness, blindness, allergies.


This is important for many things. For one, you wouldn’t have to worry about keeping and sorting your dog’s physical records when it comes to their vet appointments and health condition. And if the animal gets lost and has health problems, this ID tag would help the finder treat your dog accordingly. If your dog takes medications regularly, the finder may take it to the vet immediately, so your dog doesn’t miss its therapy.

Easier Verification by Animal Control


This is another essential reason why you should have a dog ID tag. If your pet comes across animal control, the tag will verify that it has an owner and is not a stray dog. What’s more, stray animals are often mistreated by people and are usually not given the needed help if they are hurt or injured.

How to Choose the Right Dog ID Tag

ID tags are available in various shapes and sizes. It’s important to pick one that is suitable for your dog’s breed and size. Smaller dogs should go with smaller and lightweight ID tags that won’t place too much pressure on their delicate necks. On the other hand, large dogs need something equally large and noticeable.

Additionally, the tag should be large enough to fit all the useful information (the dog’s name, your phone number and address, and additional health information and vet appointments).


It’s recommended picking a tag that is made of durable material. It should last long enough so you don’t have to change it after a little while. I suggest you pick a metal tag with a rust-proof coating. After all, your dog will likely get the tag wet constantly, and you don’t want it to rust in a short time because the useful info won’t be readable. You can style the tag according to your taste. Add little paw prints, or pick a tag in the shape of a bone, it’s up to you.

When it comes to adding the contact details and other important info, make sure you write it down with a big and bold font so it could be easy to read. The best way is to have it printed as opposed to writing it by hand as it could fade or wash away easily. Some dog ID tag sellers will gladly add the necessary info for you.