The Ingredients for a Dream Outdoor Kitchen

There is nothing better than having your own yard, your own piece of the great outdoors. There are many good things you can do with it, you can make an entertainment area with a hot tub, you can go for a pond, a sitting area with beautiful furniture, or you can go with the best way to get people together – food, and create an outdoor kitchen. 


There are countless reasons why alfresco kitchens are a great idea: family time, friends’ gatherings, celebrations, keeping the kitchen inside clean, and so on. So, it’s not hard to decide to go for it. Nevertheless, when it comes to deciding on what kind of kitchen appliances you want, what you’ll cook etc., then, it can become a little bit trickier. 

While it’s not impossible, nor unheard of for people to use regular electric ovens in their outdoor kitchen, especially if you are well covered and protected from the elements, if you are up to something more special, something that will give your outdoor kitchen a meaning other than the one your regular kitchen has – simply a kitchen, you may want to look at some better and more interesting outdoor options. There are three most common and best ways to go: a pizza oven, a barbeque or a smoker. So, which one is the best for your dream outdoor kitchen?

Pizza Ovens

It’s very, very unusual to be from the planet Earth and not be a pizza lover, and let’s assume that you aren’t one of those rare, rare people, and say that you love pizzas. The typical thing when people make outdoor kitchens is to go for simple small grills. However, if you are trying to build something bigger, more luxurious and unique, a pizza oven may be the way to go. So, why should you buy a pizza oven for your outdoor area?


In spite of the name, a pizza oven isn’t only good for cooking pizzas. On the contrary, like other ovens, it can be used for other types of cooking as well. As a matter of fact, probably the most compelling reason to choose high-end pizza ovens for outdoor area kitchens, instead of a grill or a smoker, is that your wood-fired oven can be used as a grill and a smoker.  

That said, pizza ovens are a 3-in-one investment for your outdoor space. These ovens are ideal for people who love cooking, and who love diversity. This way, any time your family and friends get together in the garden, you will be able to offer different delicious food options.

While there are many types of portable outdoor ovens that people get for their homes, the main two options when it comes to fuel are wood and gas. A lot of people consider wood-fired ovens to be the best for making pizzas because pizzas are supposed to be cooked fast, and with the heat, these ovens develop, that’s really fast. On top of that, wood gives the crust a flavour that can never be compared to a pizza from a different type of oven. 

Pizza Ovens alfresco kitchen

Nevertheless, there are also many people who prefer stainless steel gas ovens, as they allow you more control over the cooking temperature. Gas is also more cost-efficient and environmentally friendlier.

Grills and Smokers

Probably the most common way of outdoor cooking, barbequing is another option you can go. So much so that for many, saying cooking outside is synonymous with barbequing. It’s a very common outdoor dining activity, favourite to people around the world. While, as we mentioned before, you can barbeque in an outdoor pizza oven, if pizzas aren’t your favourite, or if you are more into ordering than cooking pizzas, you may want to stick to a barbeque, which can be the less expensive option.

Grills and Smokers

Barbeques also come in many different types and styles, and the two main things you need to decide are the type of fuel they use, and whether you like to grill or smoke. The main difference between these two types of barbeques is that grills cook by using heat, whereas smokers – aside from the heat, though usually lower – also use a lot of wood smoke, which has a huge impact on the flavour. This of course doesn’t mean that when you grill the food doesn’t get any smoke, but with a smoker, the smoky flavour in the food is quite accented.

Another difference is that while grills are good for cooking smaller pieces of meat, smokers can be used to cook big, tough pieces of meat at lower temperatures, with the beautiful smoky flavour.

If you are all about the smoky taste of the food, getting a smoker is the way to go. Nevertheless, cooking meat in a smoker can take considerably more time, which is why if you like the smoked taste, but you don’t plan to cook huge pieces of meat for hours, all the time, you can get a hybrid, smoker and grill, which will essentially provide you with the best of both worlds.

alfresco kitchen

Besides this, barbeques come in different sizes, different styles and designs, and they work with different fuels. Barbeques that work on gas are the most popular ones. They are very convenient, as you can be done with the food faster. However, for some outdoor cooking enthusiasts and barbeque lovers, charcoal BBQs are the only way to go.

Like with wood-fired pizza ovens, the main reason why charcoal is preferred by many, is flavour, because charcoal provides the food with a smoky flavour. Nevertheless, in today’s fast-paced world we often prefer speed, so that’s probably why nowadays gas BBQs are the most popular option. Unlike charcoal barbeque which can take 30 minutes to get hot enough, gas barbeques heat up immediately, which makes them much more convenient.