The Inspirational Album Glorious Ruins

Personal and corporate worship is the ultimate message of New Hillsong’s live album, called ‘Glorious Ruins’. Being completely dedicated to the church, the album ‘Glorious Ruins’ presents a new era of spiritual worship anthems for which there аre no cultural boundaries and multiple denominational.

Known as a bridge to redemption and acknowledgement of humanity, ‘Glorious Ruins’ counts 12 worship songs, written by Reuben Morgan, Matt Crocker, Joel Houston and Ben Fielding, the ‘Hillsong team members’. Each song from the album ‘Glorious Ruins’ is special and unique in its own way, but three of them are particularly beautiful, and frequently sung in churches all over the globe – ‘Glorious Ruins’, ‘Glorify Your Name’ and ‘Man Of Sorrows’.


Defeat and pain are the two things inevitable in life. What this album inspires us is do is to accept and embrace all the physical sufferings and take advantage of them. The strong belief in the powers of Jesus Christ and our personal strength, can easily help us transform the ruins into something sublime and glorious.

One of the Hillsong team members, Reuben Morgan, said: ‘We’ve never been diverted from viewing worship as both personal and corporate, intimate and celebratory’. And so it is. It is all thanks to the album ‘Glorious Ruins‘ that we have slowly started to change our perceptions on the worship of God, the worship of the Church and the worship of ourselves as persons.

One of the lessons this popular yet beautiful worship album will teach us, is to never lose faith in God. If we let Him reign in our hearts and souls, we can rely on his unique powers not only in times of failure, pain, loss, but in moments of happiness and success as well.

Since Hillsong Church (Hillsong team members) is an incredible team of committed musicians and producers with a bountiful history in making worship songs, it is not strange that the album ‘Glorious Ruins’ has gained such an immense popularity on an international level. Thanks to Hillsong Church’s powerful God-worship songs, Christians have a brilliant opportunity to express their loyalty to our Lord.

The album was first introduced to the world in June 28, 2013, signed with the name of Hillsong Production. Without any shadow of doubt, ‘Glorious Ruins’ is the number one album by the Hillsong team members that has reached the top-three list of ARIS Albums Charts.

Wait no more and let God enlighten your mind and soul. Buy ‘Glorious Ruins’ today.