The Most Commonly Used Flooring Solutions for Kitchens

Lights can certainly make or break the look of your kitchen. Kitchen lights, especially LED strip lights have the power to light all the right places and all the right bits of your kitchen, but one thing is certain, nothing can steal the show like the floor.

The floor is the first thing we see when entering a room, even in the kitchen. And given the fact we are talking about the most visited and most spill-prone area in the home, choosing a stylish yet durable floor is fundamental. Instead of choosing the first flooring solution you see, you should consider which are the best and most durable options in order to make the right choice.

Vinyl Floors

kitchen vinyl flooring

Easy to maintain and versatile, vinyl flooring for the kitchen is one of the most appealing and stylish solutions. Vinyl is without a doubt the most durable flooring for the kitchen that can withstand everything you throw at it. However, just like with everything else, vinyl flooring differs between manufacturers, which is why you should carefully verify the chosen vinyl floor’s origin and durability. Truth be told, investing in a quality vinyl floor is a worthy investment that can give you all of its amazing benefits.


Given the fact that humidity can affect the look of the wood, and considering that the kitchen is one of the most humid areas in the home, investing in a quality waterproof floor is essential. Fortunately, vinyl flooring is a water-resistant material that cannot be affected by water or moisture of any kind.

When in the search for the right type, you can choose between vinyl sheets and vinyl tiles. While sheets allow for creating a single consistent covering over the entire surface of the floor, tiles need to be sealed in order to prevent water from seeping down through the seams. What you need to know, is that this seam will wear down over time and reapplication would be needed.

waterproof flooring

Design and Comfort

One of the best features vinyl sheets and tile flooring for the kitchen has is a comfortable feel underfoot. When compared to any other hard surface floors, standing on vinyl flooring even for a prolonged period of time won’t be painful and fatiguing to your legs and feet. The reason for this is because vinyl flooring gives you the option of placing a sheet of flooring underlayment underneath the surface covering.

Another thing that makes vinyl flooring one-of-a-kind is its design. Thanks to the modern manufacturing process, manufacturers can create literally any type of vinyl flooring, imitating any other material like ceramic tiles, natural stone, hardwood, etc. This modern solution can even get textured elements on its surface in order to simulate the natural feel of the particular material. That versatile and amazing is vinyl flooring.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning a vinyl floor is one of the easiest things in the world. All you need to do is to vacuum the dust and clean it when needed. You can do it the natural way with apple cider vinegar and hot water or with a special vinyl cleaning product.

easy to clean flooring

Hardwood Oak Floor

It goes without saying that hardwood is a durable flooring material, present on the market for a long time. It was the first and main choice by many in all areas in the home with the exception of the kitchen because of its moisture sensitivity. However, over the years, manufacturers have managed to improve it and make it more moisture resistant with the help of modern sealers and polyurethane finishes. Except for making it resistant to moisture, these sealers can also improve its durability and longevity.

By choosing a quality oak floor, you can have peace of mind that it’ll last you for decades. However, when compared to vinyl, it is almost impossible for hardwood flooring to be completely resistant to moisture. Over time, the oak floor can also change and degrade somehow, and in case of spills and splatters, stains are inevitable, which is not the case with a vinyl floor.

Cleaning an oak floor is also easy, especially when it comes to the vacuuming and moping part. However, since this floor is susceptible to scratches and scrapes, you might need sandpaper in order to polish them which can be time-consuming.

hardwood oak floor

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are mainly made from clay that is shaped, glazed and fired under heat, in order to improve its appearance and durability. Consequently, ceramic tiles are another durable and popular kitchen flooring solution that is very sturdy, resistant to stains, water, heat and breakage. These tiles are available in many colours, designs, shapes, sizes and patterns, giving you the opportunity to choose the one that can meet your kitchen style.

Just like vinyl flooring, ceramic tiles are extremely easy to clean, even when it comes to stubborn stains. The one and the only downside of ceramic tiles and hardwood, in fact, is that they aren’t soft underfoot. In other words, standing on them for a long period of time can cause fatigue and pain in the legs and feet.