The most popular car brands in Australia


In the past ten years Japanese car manufacturers seem to dominate Australian market and are top selling car brands. Reports show that with slight variations, in just few months Mazda, Holden and Toyota have become top 3 selling car brands in the country. Whether it is due to good marketing strategy or descent price, particular models of these 3 brands have won hearts of drivers over the last decade. Not only that, but these particular brands are praised for their good service and customer support. For instance, Holden car service shops are available in every city in Australia and have trained and skilled mechanics that can perform the best service. Here we’ll describe each of these car brands and their top selling models.


The Mazda3 has taken a lift in the market this year overtaking the #1 spot in 3 states. If Holden’s Commodore seemed irreplaceable last year, things have changed and Mazda3 smooth design has lured customers and increased brand’s sales. Mazda3 is now undisputed champion in Victoria, New South Wales and several other states. Furthermore, this model of Mazda is a perfect combination of modern design and space convenience making it perfect for a household of 4 or a single guy/girl. The standard model is not much impressive in terms of engine specifications but has impeccable performance. It seems that it is perfectly balanced to suit all tastes and it comes with at a reasonable price.


Holden was ranked highest last year with their Commodore model which generated much of the income. Holden also holds the record for most units sold (94,642) in Australia in 1998. Though this brand slipped from the number one spot, it is still among top four with 2.7 % share of annual car sale in Australia. As mentioned before, this success is due to their advanced Holden repairs and services, customer support and mechanics’ expertise. Not that other brands don’t offer these, but quality of Holden car service has been ranked highest compared to other brands. Additionally, Holden’s famous Commodore is designed with dynamic and distinctive style and has a specific multifunction electronic controller called Holden-IQ. These characteristics along with good price deals are driving factors in positive annual reports.


Toyota gained number one spot in 2011 for its best selling model Hilux. Toyota’s Hilux achieved pole position in 3 states with enormous 9.8% share in Northern Teritoy, 5.4% in Western Australia and 5.2% share in Queensland. The reason behind big success in Northern teritoy is the rocky infrastructure that this models is best suited for. Apart from this model, other models occupy 7 out of the top 10 most selling cars in this state.

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