The Most Popular Types of Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Bringing the indoors out is one of the latest trends. Making the time spent outdoors as comfy as possible is what a lot of people have succeeded in during the past few years and having an outdoor kitchen is a huge part of this. In addition, since pizza is everyone’s favourite meal, pizza ovens are all the rage right now. Having one means that you can create extremely delicious homemade pizzas anytime. Except for the recipe, the pizza’s quality and taste greatly depend on the type of pizza oven.


Electric Pizza Ovens

The electric types of pizza ovens are available in a range of styles and their price mainly depends on the model, look and features. For example, the upper-end models can be made of brick or clay lining that mimics the look of traditional ovens. These ovens can keep temperatures high which can result in nice and evenly baked pizza. Precisely this is what makes the pricier electric pizza ovens a better choice. The more affordable models usually use the typical filament heating elements and they can’t bake pizza at the desired high cooking temperature. One major downside of the electric types of pizza ovens however is that sometimes the cooking is uneven because of the placement of filaments.

Gas Pizza Ovens

Another popular type of pizza ovens are the ones that run on gas. These ovens draw the flame and heated air up to the top of the oven through a front vent or chimney. Available in a range of models, there are some types of pizza oven that come with an upper and lower ceramic tile, heated by the flame and hot air which allows for even cooking. On the other hand, there are some other models of gas pizza ovens that directly draw the flame and heated air over the top of the pizza which helps for easier cooking of the pizza toppings. The biggest advantage of gas pizza ovens over the wooden style is the easier heat regulation.

Wood Pizza Ovens

Those who love the smokey pizza flavour would probably prefer the wooden type of pizza ovens. These types of ovens can get temperatures around 900 ° which means that sometimes a pizza can be ready in less than a minute. Just like the gas type of ovens, the wooden ones also draw the flame and heated air up to the top of the ceiling through a front vent or chimney. The main downside is that you can’t regulate the heat, so sometimes the pizza can come out burned.

What type of pizza oven you choose should mainly depend on your needs, personal preferences, budget and free space as well, but one thing is certain, all of them are safe to use. You just need to follow the manufacturer’s safety requirements and keep in mind the local regulations and fire safety standards.