The Must-Have Networking Hardware Tools


Network technicians face ongoing challenges due to the continual emergence of new network devices on the market. More devices means more issues to solve, and that would not be possible if technicians are not armed with the right networking hardware tools. To make their job easier, manufacturers designed wide range of network testing tools that help solve any troubleshooting problems.

What makes networking tools so popular, is the fact that they are easy to pack, carry and use for any type of network related problem. Data centers use multiple connections and devices, that need to work properly and cannot afford even the smallest network issues. Due to this, networking hardware tools are must-have accessories for technicians and others who deal with network devices on a daily basis. Selecting few from the wide range of networking tools is not an easy thing. Here are the few basic and essential ones you will definitely need in order to ensure proper operation of your network.

Crimping Tool – Make sure your networking hardware tools kit includes a crimping tool. Technicians use this tool for connecting the end of the cable to a connector. Crimping networking tools are specially designed to strip, crimp and cut insulated wiring in a snap. Their use is ideal for crimping cables that need to be connected with RJ-45 and RJ-11 connectors. Crimping networking tools help technicians hold each of the wires and crimp them properly without causing any damage. Thanks to these networking tools the transmission of the data between the connector and the wires work in the best possible way.

Cable Tester – Your network kit would not be complete if you fail to include a cable tester. Another tool that falls under the must-have networking hardware tools category, is definitely the cable tester. It is specially designed to check the electrical connections in cables. Once you have set the connection, you will need a cable tester to verify the existing connection and check whether it works properly or not. Thus, if the connection goes wrong, the tester will show any issues so you can fix the problem right away.

Punch Down Tool – If you want to avoid high costs, then select the essential networking tools necessary for properly setting the network. One of these must have networking hardware tools is the punch down tool used for inserting wires into the right slots. Once you have placed the wires into the right connectors, patch panels or jacks, with the help of the punch down tool you will be able to accurately cut down the wire and secure it in the slot.