The Newest Caterpillar E2 Series Mini Hydraulic Excavators

Caterpillar is a world known manufacturer of high quality machines and equipment, used in different industry sectors like construction, mining, agriculture, landscaping etc. From its wide range of useful and highly efficient machines, the Caterpillar excavators are definitely the most popular machines from this American manufacturer. Recently, Caterpillar introduced its newest series of excavators on the market- the E2-Series mini hydraulic excavators. This new series includes 4 Caterpillar excavators designed with the innovative High Definition Hydraulic System (HDH). The new E2 Caterpillar excavators are designed to deliver even more solid and powerful performance than their predecessors from the E-Series. The innovative HDH System provides excellent flow sharing and load sensing capability, resulting in greater control, powerful performance and high precision.

This new E2-Series includes 4 Caterpillar excavators: 305E2, 305.5E2, 304E2, and 303.5E2. All models come with redesigned operator cabin and simple valve system. This simple system reduces the heat which results in better performance and reduced hydraulic instability. These excavators come with comfortable suspension seat, bigger and wider side openings, adjustable arm rests, and ergonomically designed control panel. Furthermore, the cabin comes with new front window interlocking system, and innovative interface and pilot controls. Smart Technology is what Caterpillar include in all excavators from the new E2-Series. With such technology and powerful engine, the new Caterpillar excavators are designed to satisfy the operators demands for high quality results, excellent performance, durability and low fuel consumption.


The E2-Series models are equipped with digital control panel which is specifically designed to enable the operators to achieve better results. This new control panel is known as COMPAS- complete operation, maintenance, performance, and security system. The COMPAS monitor also includes an anti-theft system which requires a 5-digit password from the operators to start the engine, and engine-idle automatic system which lowers the engine rpm when the machine is inactive for more than 5 seconds.

All standard features from the previous E-Series are included in the new Caterpillar excavators. For example, the superior bucket rotation, automatic two-speed and pilot controls, blade float, and other safety features are included in every excavator from the new E2-Series. The two-speed automatic feature allows the operator to use the machine efficiently even in high speed without selecting lower gear when turning or digging. The pilot controls allow long-lasting and consistent controllability, resulting in reduced operating and owning costs. The unique design of the new Caterpillar excavators allows the bucket to be rotated for amazing 200 degrees. The innovative bucket shape on the other hand, maximizes the digging and loading performance. Lastly, the new Caterpillar excavators from the E2-Series are Guard Level 1, TOPS, and ROPS certified machines.

For more information about the new Caterpillar excavators, browse online or contact your local Cat dealer.