The Perfect Knitting Gifts for Your Beloved Knitter

When you’re the creative, crafty type, thinking of ideas for your beloved ones is easy. Instead of splurging on presents, you can just knit your giftees something and have a unique present. Because why not, knitwear is having a moment, and who doesn’t like specialised and homemade gifts? But if learning how to knit is still on your to-do list, and you’re looking to find the ideal gift for your crochet-loving friend, we’ve got you!

You don’t have to be a pro in knitting, understand the different Australian and American stitch names to find an awesome present for a knitter. You don’t even have to know what types of knitting tools they already have or which yarn they prefer using. Whether you’re shopping for your grandma, mom, your mom, or that very chic friend who loves making crochet masterpieces, our gift ideas are definitely going to make their day.

Books for Knitting

Books for Knitting

Every crochet lover likes reading the most popular books for knitting. And how wouldn’t they – the best books for knitting showcase beautiful pictures, fascinating charts, and background stories about how the different designs were made. These are an excellent companion when your giftee wants to read something exciting while being snuggled up on their couch sipping hot chocolate. Plus, there are a plethora of knitting books you can find both online and in brick-and-mortar stores that are suitable for different skill and interest levels. And if you don’t really know which books your giftee already has or you aren’t sure of their skill level, you can always opt for a book gift voucher. 

Knitting Counter

If you’re looking for a smaller gift with a big meaning, expert knitters suggest going for a row counter. With its help, you can easily get into the rhythm and routine of knitting without worrying about counting rows and tallying them up on paper. With a row counter, you don’t have to think much – it is very simple to use. Each time you finish a row, all you have to do is just press the top down, and the knitting counter will count the row for you. It can only go up to 99, but that’s more than enough unless you’re knitting a blanket. 

Snag Free Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are essential pieces of gear for every knitter. It doesn’t matter if your giftee is a beginner or a seasoned knitter, they’ll definitely need stitch markers. Just like their name implies, these little rings are used for marking the number of stitches you have in a row so you don’t have to count them. These pieces of knitting gear are especially useful when knitting cables. 

Snag Free Stitch Markers

Blocking Mats for Knitting

If your knitting-loving giftee frequently makes sweaters, or any other piece of clothing that needs to be sewed together, a blocking mat can be a great gift idea. This tool can stretch designs out and ensure that all pieces are in the right size.

Yarn Bowl

Why leave your yarn, precious tools and accessories scattered around the house or shoved into a bag, when you can proudly display them? You can buy your loved one a beautiful yarn bowl in which they can hold and store their yarn. These goodies can also be used to keep your stitch markers, scissors, needles and whatnot. A good quality yarn bowl will keep your beloved knitter more organised and will act as a nice accessory sitting on a coffee table or displayed on a shelf. 

Pouch Set

Having a functional and stylish bag to easily transport your project from one location to another is a great gift for knitters. To add more versatility, you can buy your giftee a pouch set in different sizes so they can properly store their belongings. The smallest pouch can hold little tools like a tape measure or scissors; the medium size can be used for holding a hat, and the largest pouch size can hold even a sweater in the progress of making. Then, your giftee can easily put all three of them in a blogger tote without worrying about the other things in their bag messing up their yarn or project.


A Ball Winder and a Swift

Many knitting experts claim that some of the most enjoyable and most used gifts are a ball winder and swift.  For knitters, turning a little crank and winding up yarn into a ball is extremely pleasing and a great, soothing activity. These goodies can be also bought separately, so if your giftee already has a winder but not swift, you can just buy one part. Thanks to these handy pieces, an hour of winding yarn can be easily turned into a two-to-three-minute task.

A Wrist Ruler

It’s very possible that the knitter in your life already has a ruler they use for all their projects. However, gifting them a wrist ruler is definitely more special than buying them a  tape ruler. Besides being super cute and cool, this accessory is also a truly useful tool for measuring the length of a project when they’re knitting on the go.