The Power of Black: A Guide to Women’s Black Travel Bags

No matter how chaotic a journey may seem, opening up your favourite bag for travel should feel like opening the door to a neatly organized closet or sitting down at a tidy desk, as all of your belongings should be easily accessible and in the right places.

On the other hand, the colour of your luggage can say so much about your style plus it should withstand all the trip challenges, airport security checks and airline luggage handlers which can sometimes get messy.

So, when on the hunt for the perfect colour, keep in mind that nothing beats the power of a black travel bag, just like everything black in your wardrobe. And, since black bags for travel come in many styles, sizes, and price points, the following guidelines might help you out making the best selection possible.

The Black Weekender

woman with  black weekender bag

If you’re looking for a versatile travel alternative that will keep all your possessions organised, and at the same time look good and go well with every outfit you decide to put on, look no further as the stylish and functional black weekender bags made of vegan leather tick all the boxes.

When compared to other styles, they are those unpretentious travel accessories available in a range of patterns, sizes, and shapes. Except if you have a larger handbag that can perfectly accommodate all your travel needs for one- or two-night trips where you don’t need to carry much, women’s black weekender bags are frequently lighter to carry over any other type of luggage.

The greatest feature of this women’s black overnight bag is that you can use it as a normal wardrobe addition. This way, unless you decide to journey again, you won’t have to worry about lugging around extra luggage. In addition, if you need to travel for work, some versions have an additional compartment for carrying your laptop or other technology.

In terms of size, you will want to be able to carry your weekender on a plane; otherwise, the whole “travel light and move quickly” maxim is nullified because it must be checked in as luggage for the hold. The 55 cm, 25 cm, and 45 cm options are typical airline measurements.

Another great thing about the black weekender is that it has soft sides, so you can fill it to suit the necessary dimensions as long as you don’t fill it up. Additionally, when narrowing down your choices you will need something that won’t let you down, such as soft and waterproof vegan leather, plush handles, strong zips, and sturdy stitching.

Although it is not a comfortable method to carry a bag for extended periods, a shoulder strap with a shoulder pad allows you to have your hands free if necessary. An external zip pocket is useful for easy access items, while an interior zip pocket is practical for a phone and wallet.

The Black Duffle

black duffle bags

Depending on your needs, black duffle bags can be carried as roomy black weekender bags or compact knapsacks. No matter how long or short your journey is, you will stay organized with the help of their many compartments.

It’s perfect for itineraries involving the outdoors and the right size for small plane needs. It also collapses into nothing when not in use and has soft sides that make it simple to squeeze into the overhead compartment on a crowded flight.

The Black Tote

The Black Tote

If you want a classic backpack that is portable, light, and won’t put too much strain on your shoulders or back, black totes are a fantastic option. All tote travel bags, regardless of design or size, have the same features, such as numerous storage pockets, a detachable handle, and the capacity to maintain their shape even when empty.

Totes are the best option if you want to bring a lot of electronics and personal items on your trip because they have pockets specially made to hold your phone, tablet, and laptop.

The Black Carry-On

The black carry-on

If you plan to use it as your go-to bag for a variety of trips, you might want to search for a bag that allows for flexible packing. Why does this matter? Simply put, it indicates that the bag can expand to hold more apparel.

Although carry-ons typically enable flexible packing, suitcase-style luggage shouldn’t be disregarded. You can now forget about packing your last-minute forgotten items in shopping bags, which can be a real carry nightmare, as many conventional black carry-ons have bodies that can extend a few inches wider thanks to zippers enabling you to fit an extra pair of shoes or a sweater inside.

What to Look for in a Black Travel Bag

Now that you’ve picked the ideal colour, which is black of course, and the right style, there are some additional important factors to keep in mind.


Durability is one of the most important factors to take into account when buying a new travel bag that meets all your requirements. The toughness of your bag will determine how dependable it is on all of your journeys, as well as how long it lasts, and how much money you can save by not having to repair or replace it frequently.

Though they are frequently straightforward to repair with duct tape, keep in mind that even fabrics that seem extremely durable can rip. On the other hand, some travel agencies demand soft-sided luggage, especially if you’re going on an overland trek or another excursion where your pack will be pulled by an animal or secured to the top of a car.

Check out the vegan travel carry alternatives as the most valuable option. Travel bags with hard sides are usually strong and constructed to withstand a significant blow. However, if you bring more mementos, they might weigh more when you unpack them and be more challenging to close.


After considering your needs and tastes, you can decide whether you want a travel bag with or without a locking mechanism for protection. Most travel security bags have a locking mechanism, but some versions also have Transportation Security Administration (TSA) locks, which makes clearing airport security checks much simpler.

The wheels and handles are the next important feature to take into account when purchasing high-quality travel backpacks because they have an impact on how simple it will be to carry them around.