The Radio Controlled Cars Hobby 101

If you are looking for a new hobby and you are into cars, there is one hobby that might spark your interest. Of course, you should also like toys or models for it to appeal to you. Hobbies are meant to be activities done with pleasure, and if you are someone who loves them, radio-controlled cars will enrich your life. Whether you’d like to collect them and keep them unused, play with them alone or with family or friends, attend RC race cars events or competitions, this hobby is both easy and versatile.
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If you’ve ever played with an RC car, you know how exciting and fun it can be. So, like all the best hobbies, this one can help you lower your stress levels, and ultimately improve your day-to-day life and lifestyle. Depending on the way you go about it, RC vehicles can offer a lot. They come in a wide range of models and can be divided into two categories: toy-grade and hobby grade.

People decide to buy a hobby remote car for many different reasons. They may be car enthusiasts, they may love hobbies that include playing, they may buy them as collectibles (though not as frequently), they may enjoy racing or bashing, they may love repairing, upgrading or customising them. etc. But besides being fun, RC race cars can be beneficial in many other ways.

Where Should You Start?

While it’s an easy and fun hobby if you are just getting into remote control race cars for adults, how do you choose where to start? To get an answer, you need to learn more about the different types of RC cars. One way to divide them is by whether they perform better on-road or off-road.

RC on-road cars perform best on different flat surfaces, such as carpet, asphalt or concrete, so if you want to run your first RC car in your backyard, you shouldn’t buy one of these. There are two main types of on-road cars, namely street and drift cars. If you want to start with something faster and more powerful, drift cars are the better option. Though not all of them are the same, generally they are a scale of 1:10, they come with four wheels and a 4WD system.
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Somewhere in between on-road and off-road cars come RC buggies and truggies. They are faster on-road than off-road, and truggies are the faster option. They can be a great option for newbies if you can’t decide what you want to start with.

RC off-road cars are basically RC trucks. They are more shock absorbent, heavy-duty and very durable. RC trucks are designed to run on off-road terrains like pebbles, grass or sand. They, of course, can run without a problem on flat surfaces as well, but they are much slower. They are heavy-duty and durable.

The two most popular types of RC off trucks are short course trucks and monster trucks. They are also the best option if you want to try customising your RC vehicle. Monster trucks are probably the most popular type of hobby RC cars, and they can be a good place to start. The reason for this is that they are the most powerful RC models and, of course, because they look awesome.

Benefits of Picking Up RC Cars as a Hobby

If buying your first hobby grade remote car seems like splurging money, and you need an excuse to do it, keep in mind that an RC cars hobby is a great way to bring the family closer, especially if you have kids. As a hobby, it can also be very sociable since kids and adults alike love playing and competing with radio-controlled cars.

Having fun and playing makes us happy, regardless of our age. So, since it’s undoubtedly fun for most people, the RC cars hobby has a very positive impact on our mental health. It helps us relax, it decreases our level of stress, which also means that it’s a great way to fight off anxiety or depression. This also means that it’s good for our physical health since stress also affects our bodies.
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RC cars can be a great way to develop some cognitive abilities and motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination. It can also help people to learn how to focus and stay focused on a task, as well as improve their reaction time.

These toys can be very useful for kids’ development as well. Like many educational toys, both toy grade and hobby grade RC cars can help develop their social skills, teaching them how to play with others, compete in a healthy way, etc. They can also teach them about responsibility and you can use RC toys to teach your little ones about mechanics, changing parts, etc.