The Ultimate Guide To 2013 Perfumes


With cold winter days behind us, it’s time for a complete style makeover. Designers are recommending stripes, floral and oriental motifs and denim creations. This summer is all about not-your-typical style and this is true for makeup trends, hair styles and perfumes as well. You may not blindly follow all fashion trends for this summer, but you’ll surely rethink what you spritz in the morning. After all, isn’t a perfume the most important part of every woman’s beauty routine? It’s what reveals not only personal style, but character as well. And luckily, many fashion houses are launching new luxurious fragrances and perfume gift sets, so there’s no need to stick to your signature scent. Get online and explore this summer’s top fragrances and pick a sensual and memorable scent that will linger in the air long after you pass by.

Valentino – This renowned fashion house has continued its path of success by launching new fragrance, Valentino Assoluto, and once again proved why they are No.1 choice for many women worldwide. This seductive mixture of Sicilian Smeggia peach, white truffles and bergamot will surely whisk you away in the land of your fantasies.


The Ultimate Guide To 2013 Perfumes

Balenciaga – Best known for its exclusively designed totes which are inevitable part of personal style for many celebrities like Kate Moss and Charlize Theron, this fashion house is also known for its seductive yet soft fragrances. Such is Balenciaga L’Eau Rose, which with its notes of violet, blackberry and musk will make you feel like a star.

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Victor & Rolf – Need to escape from hectic everyday schedule? Feeling down and negative? Spray on the new powerful Victor & Rolf edition to already colorful array of fragrances, Flowerbomb. This floral potion features notes of rose, orchid, Sambac jasmine, patchouli and freesia, that will simply boost your confidence and mood. Search online for this perfume gift sets for a full-body sensation.

Prada – Now who doesn’t love to wear Prada. Wrap yourself in Prada’s newest fragrance, Prada Candy L’Eau and start making unforgettable memories for this summer. The caramel scent mixed with playful notes of citruses, sweet pea and musk will make you feel irresistible and super seductive.

Dolce & Gabbana – What’s better in the summer than smelling like one. Light Blue is a fresh and breezy fragrance perfect for hot summer days. This fruity and floral fragrance was first launched in 2001 and has remained as one of top fragrances for so long. For a complete luxurious feeling, get Light Blue perfume gift sets and breeze through hot summer days.

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