The Ultimate Guide to Baseball Bat Grips: Enhance Your Grip, Control and Comfort

How you hold your bat connects you, the baseball player, and the bat, determining how the bat moves through the strike zone. Maintaining a proper bat grip includes many benefits, such as increased bat speed, enhanced relaxation, improved bat position at contact, and avoidance of bat slowdown or bounce. Properly gripping your bat will improve your performance at the plate. 

While learning all the bat positions and angles is crucial, it’s only one part of the equation. Using bat grips is an excellent method to enhance your grip on the bat while providing increased comfort. It’s the essential prop to prevent the bat from slipping out of your hands as it can pose a significant risk and be potentially dangerous. Bat tapes are a great way to accessorise the appearance of the bat. Seeing many MLB players, such as Mike Trout, Mookie Betts, and Ronald Acuna, using it only shows how beneficial it is. 

Here’s everything you need to know about baseball bat grips.

baseball player biting his taped baseball bat handle

Are Bat Grips Necessary?

Well, it depends on the type of bat you’re using. If you’re playing with a metal bat, bat grips are essential. Metal bats tend to be slippery and prone to vibration upon ball contact. Installing grips helps maintain a secure grip on the bat while absorbing some shock and vibrations. Without grips, you may experience sore hands or even risk the bat slipping from your grasp.

When it comes to wooden bats, the need for grips is slightly different. While you can play without grips, it won’t be comfortable, and the bat may slip from your hands. Grips still hold importance when using a wooden bat.

baseball player resting his bat on the back of his shoulders

The Benefits of Taping Your Bat

Have you experienced the frustration of losing your grip and watching your bat fly after putting all your effort into landing a powerful hit? To avoid this disappointment,investing in bat grip tape can provide you with a secure and reliable grip, enabling you to hit with more power and confidence. Bat grips allow you to optimise your abilities at the plate and unleash your full potential with a secure yet comfortable hold on your bat. 

Grips ensure the bat stays in your hands, preventing slippage and enhancing comfort. They also help reduce the discomfort of ball impacts, reducing the sting sensation. Grips come in various patterns and colours, adding a stylish and personalised touch to your bat. Thicker bat grips can also benefit younger players, giving them confidence as they learn and develop their baseball skills.

baseball player taping his baseball bat while sitting on a bench

Which Bat Grip Tape is Right for Me?

While finding the correct bat tape that helps you achieve the perfect hit can be challenging, especially without reliable recommendations, we’re here to assist you. 


New players often wonder which size of bat tape they should choose. Two popular brands, Lizard and Vulcan, offer three thickness options. While they differ slightly, the dimensions are similar enough. Let’s discuss which size is better suited for different types of bats.

  • 0.5mm Thickness. Professionals who use wood bats use thin bat tape commonly. Thin bat wrap tapes provide a better bat feel. However, opt for thicker bat tapes if you’re just starting your career. Consider 0.5mm if you’re seeking softball bat grip tape. Softball bats typically have built-in sting protection, so thinner grip tapes aren’t essential for sting prevention.
  • 1.1mm Thickness. The most popular size among all bat tape options, used for both new and old bats. Players who aren’t skilled enough and want to avoid increasing the weight of their bat and are to use 0.5mm thickness can choose this size.
  • 1.8mm Thickness. This thickness is ideal for youth baseball bats. Many young players prefer this size as it reduces bat sting and vibration. It also provides a better grip for metal or composite bats. If you’re in high school, considering this size would be suitable.


The grip tape’s material contributes to its strength and durability, while its texture is crucial for providing adequate gripping power, especially in challenging conditions. Polyurethane and leather are the most common materials for grip tapes, offering comfort and durability while reducing vibrations. The texture of the bat wrapping tapes provides traction, preventing slipping even in moist or sweaty conditions.


Style is a significant factor for many individuals when choosing bat grips. It offers an opportunity to express one’s personality and individual style. While most bat tapes and products are available in basic black, there is also a wide range of designs. Brands like Lizards offer unique designs that not only add to functionality but also enhance aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, if you prefer a more subtle look, you can opt for simple black tapes such as the Rawlings or choose options that match your team’s colours.

baseball player resting his baseball bat on his right shoulder