The Ultimate Guide To Structural Steel Fabrication

There is no doubt that stainless steel is one of the most popular materials in the world comprising endless number of products we utilize and see around us on a daily basis. Apart from being a very common component of the various items around us, stainless steel also comes in several varieties itself, the most popular in recent times being the reduced carbon steel.

The reason for its popularity is the high level of functionality it provides and the fact that it is rust resistant. This incredible immunity to rust is a consequence of the chromium oxide film, invisible to the naked eye, which is the innately occurring wrapping element around stainless steel. This element also empowers it to be corrosion resistant.

Another amazing fact is that if it is damaged either mechanically or chemically, stainless steel has the ability to heal itself, and it is also resistant to heat, which most of us already know. These are the main traits that have rendered stainless steel an irreplaceable component of so many industries including construction, food processing, food solutions, chemical, processing and oil and gas industries – the list could go on forever.

Depending on the on the structural requirement of a certain project put forward by steel producers, steel is molded and altered accordingly during the process of steel fabrication. This process involves the cooperation of both engineers and designers to come together and create the most effective way of construction. The process of steel fabrication involves cutting, burning, machining, and welding before it is inspected thoroughly and finally shipped away. This whole process involved both human effort and great technology and machining.

The largest steel manufacturer today is China and funny enough, also the largest consumer. They consume vast amounts of steel mostly due to their large scale automobile productions. You can find many structural steel fabrication Melbourne by doing a quick search online or looking in your yellow pages.

As we mentioned before, structural stainless steel is used in many different ways and in so many different industries, so let’s go over a few of these uses of stainless steel and the industries that use them.


Utility Water Pipes

Nearly every single one of us needs them and use them on a daily basis without even thinking about it. Stainless steel is used to manufacture these pipes as it is the only metal that doesn’t rust in water. These pipes could include everything from drainage water pipes, transportation lines and much more.

Safety Purposes

Every day you see a lot of common objects that you might not have thought about being made from stainless steel. This could include television barriers, fencing for porches, and even staircases. Stainless steel is utilized for such purposes because it looks good and it provides a good amount of security and protection. The most common types of steel used for entrances are either collapsible or static steel. Steel sheets are used more commonly in yards to create fences or borders for privacy, security, and safety.

Kitchen Equipment

The kitchen is yet another place where you can constantly see the use of stainless steel. Many kitchen items and utensils incorporate stainless steel. It comes so handy as it’s easy to clean, doesn’t rust, despite the constant washing, so it can be used for plates, glasses, pans, and nearly everything else making it a great material for every day use. It is also considered great for heat conduction making cooking meals a whole lot quicker and easier.

Building and Construction

Stainless steel is also frequently used for building purposes and for items and parts of buildings we use all the time such as home windows, roofing systems, and even doors mostly in offices, office building, and occasionally in apartment building. Stainless steel really is used in so many different places and settings when it comes down to the construction and all your building needs.


This is yet another industry that makes great use of structural steel. It doesn’t stain or corrode so it will last a long time. Hospitals use steel for cots, tables, chairs, beds, and many other devices. It is the most sanitary material you could use in these situations, you can easily wipe it down with an antibacterial spray and you’re done.

Popular Futuristic Structures

Architects over the last few years have really taken a liking to stainless steel not only for its durability but for it’s looks as well. It has an advanced futuristic look about it and you can see it being used in many popular structures from all over the world. If you look closely enough you can see structural steel fabrication Melbourne all over the city.