Thyroid May Be Culprit To Hair Loss


If you’ve been noticing extra strands of hair on your pillow and brush, it is best to visit your doctor immediately. The reason – you may be suffering from hair loss and if not treated in time, it can develop into more than just thinning around the hairline. Female hair loss is becoming one of major diseases women are affected by. Although, complete baldness is very rare, many women face various and serious baldness patterns. Of course, genetic inheritance is the main culprit for this disease, however, new studies have shown that yo-yo dieting, unhealthy and unbalanced diet and excessive stress play major role in hair loss. And while you may be eating healthy, try to avoid stress and have no ‘baldness’ gene in you, but still suffer from thinning hair, then you should check your thyroid.

Recent studies have shown that hair loss is the main side effect of both hypothyroidism (inactive thyroid) and hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid). Proper thyroid performance is essential for normal hair growth. If, however, your thyroid hormone levels drop or rise, your hair will be the first to feel the difference. Drop in thyroid hormones causes serious hair loss, while increased thyroid hormone levels make hair fine and cause thinning, usually around hairline. Thankfully, if diagnosed in time and if you follow the prescribed treatment, your thyroid hormone levels will soon be back to normal and so will your hair. To be more specific, hair loss problem will be resolved as well. However, there are women that never fully recover from this hormonal imbalance and are forced to face excessive hair loss.

And while some somehow adjust to their new appearance, majority of women find it very difficult to accept and recover from female hair loss. They loose their self-esteem, feel unattractive and avoid crowds. And this is mainly due to the cultural views we have on beauty. Long, wavy hair is a symbol of good health, sexuality, youth and physical attractiveness. That is why hair loss is so devastating for many. But, if you feel less attractive or not as productive due to your hair loss, know there are many ways to hide and cope with this illness. For example, many women turn to hair extensions and clip in hair extensions to hide this problem. And as versatile as these hair accessories are, you will certainly have no problem finding color, type, quality and style that fits your needs. Another option, which is great for those who suffer from baldness pattern on the scalp area, are wigs. Aside from being very practical, user-friendly, easy to maintain and extremely durable, wigs are a new must-have accessory these days. Browse all websites and carefully read customers’ reviews to ensure you make the right choice when purchasing wigs online. You’d be surprised to see just how much of confidence you’ll gain back. 

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