Tips On How To Hide Balding

We are leaving in a stressful world. Life is busier and faster than it was a decade ago. Today time is money due to hectic schedules we all have. From business meeting and long working hours to daily house chores, kids, etc., there is very little time for relaxation. All this affects the quality of life and above all, our health. According to doctors, stress is No.1 cause for numerous illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even hair loss. In fact, aside from the fact that hair loss is hereditary, for most people it occurs due to stress. Stress over certain financial difficulties, or maybe because of some other illness or simply because of fast-paced lifestyle. However it is, stress is one of major culprits for hair loss.


And even though, it is impossible not to be stressed, it is highly recommended to minimize it. The less stress you have, the healthier you will be. Thus, if you suffer hair loss, try to organize your life better and ensure you have time for relaxation. This does not mean that if you eliminate stress completely your hair will grow back. There are numerous factors that affect the health of hair and cause hair loss and there are as many ways to stop or hide balding. So How to hide balding? Read on as we have few helpful tips on how to hide balding.

Tip #1: Scalp Micropigmentation – Also called medical hairline tattooing, this is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure. The process is simple and consists of tattooing the epidermal part of the scalp using only natural pigments. Dots are carefully tattooed on the scalp to imitate a natural appearance of real hair follicles. There is no pain, however a sense of discomfort can be felt since needles are used. The number of dots and how long the procedure will last depends on the severity of hair loss, but not more than 3 visits will be needed.

Tip #2: Hair Pieces – Hair toupee and wigs are not only a less intrusive option, but are also more affordable. Many men use toupees to hide bald scalp. You can use the hair piece every day or only for special occasions. It is the versatility that makes hair pieces so popular among men. The wide variety of styles, colours and lengths are available to match different customers’ needs and to help men adjust easily.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you out and answered your most important question – how to hide balding? You best option would be hair tattooing, however, do not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable to wear a toupee. Many men do, so why can’t you.