Titanium LED Flashlight : The Superior Choice

titanium led flashlight

 Some of you may be wondering what makes a titanium LED flashlight superior to other flashlights. Well, there are a lot of reasons why these flashlights are just better all over, but you have to break it down to really understand it. First, you have to consider the benefits of the body, why titanium seems to be the most liked and popular choice. Then you need to look at the LED factor, where there are many reasons they are also the most popular type of light on the market today. Below we have composed a small list of reasons why investing in a titanium LED flashlight is a smart move. If you are someone who is looking for a decent flashlight but doesn’t know what to get then read below to see if this is the right flashlight for you.

  • Stronger Than Other Flashlights – Most other flashlights are made from aluminium or polymer which are great in their own way, but titanium is much stronger than both of these materials. A titanium flashlight will most certainly last you a lifetime. Other flashlights while they are still quite durable will not last as long and will damage more easily.
  • The LED Bulb Will Last Longer – The titanium body will last a long time so it’s important that the bulb on the inside does as well. LED lighting is known for its long lasting hours and durability so it’s only right that you get one with an LED bulb. Traditional lighting lasts around 10 hours of constant use where you can get up to 50,000 hours with an LED bulb.
  • Smarter Investments Pay Off – Titanium is something that will last a very long time, just like the LED bulb that is inside of it. Traditional flashlights are usually made from polymer or aluminium and come with traditional lighting. While these are cheaper they are not necessarily cost efficient. You will need to replace the bulb quite often and the torch eventually as well, this rarely is the case when you invest in a titanium LED flashlight, regardless of the model or brand.
  • Will Not Rust Or Corrode – Titanium has been used throughout the ages for many different things because of this factor alone. Aluminium is a material that is used for flashlights all the time and it is also quite durable but can be susceptible to corrosion whereas titanium is not. Once you invest in a titanium flashlight you will never have to buy another flashlight again.
  • It’s Light As A Feather – Another great benefit of the titanium shell is that it is so light in your hands, you won’t feel any strain carrying it. Some people may not need to carry the torch around, but when it comes to hiking or search and rescue, having a bright flashlight that is easy to carry makes things a lot easier. Some flashlights might seem light but can feel quite heavy after a while, titanium does not.
  • More Durability – Traditional lighting can easily be broken, especially if you drop your torch by accident. LED light bulbs are known to be quite strong and can withstand pretty much any drop or vibration. Some lights are also known for burning out when the temperature changes this is also not an issue for LED bulbs.