To the Depths of Your Soul with the Help of a Yoga Mat

We so often trap our soul, the very essence of our being, under our mind-numbing routines, our problems and fears, ignoring its soft whispers and loud cries for change. We must stop and ask ourselves – How long has it been since I truly enjoyed my day, accepting and welcoming everything that comes my way? How much time has passed since I abundantly fed my deepest self? Yes, living in a world as stressful and fast-paced as our own makes it so easy to lose our self amongst our daily activities. Even so, we must find a way to dig our soul from our life’s rubble and once again reconnect with our true self.

Yoga Mat

Despite the fact that everyone copes differently with their struggles, many people nowadays regard the practice of yoga as an immensely helpful tool for exploring the depths of their soul and staying on the path of their own choosing. “Yoga is much more than just a physical workout, it is a way to celebrate the trinity of mind, body, and spirit that constitutes your being.” However, the yoga practice does begin on your yoga mat, so you need to have a thing or two in mind when choosing the right yoga mat for you.


Comfort above all else


If you have already practiced yoga at home or talked to a person who has, then you must know that performing certain yoga poses on a hard ground can be an uncomfortable and unsuccessful experience. Although many yogis have practiced yoga on all kinds of surfaces (from cotton rugs and tiles, to even smooth rocks), they all admit that the yoga mat is the best option. Yoga mats are soft enough to protect your feet, knees, palms and elbows from pain, enabling you to perform the pose with ease.


The length of the mat matters as well


Even though there is a standard yoga mat size (a typical yoga mat is 68 inches long and 24 inches wide), you may want to purchase one that is longer, especially if you are a tall person or you simply want more space for your body. With so many companies and online stores offering a wide range of yoga mats, you won’t have any trouble finding the one that suits your needs and preferences perfectly.


Pay attention to the yoga mat material


We believe that it’s important to choose an eco-friendly yoga mat. You will do Mother Nature a great favor if you purchase yoga mats made from natural rubber or even more sustainable fabrics, such as cotton, hemp, grass or jute (a vegetable plant). They will help you turn your yoga class into your favourite time of the day.

Yoga Mat


Yoga can cleanse and heal you, both spiritually and physically, all you need to do is yield into your yoga practice and breathe. Breathe deeply and let your emotions flow freely. Namaste.