Toddler Fashion: Add a Dose of Cuteness with Accessories

Whether wearing some cute little t-shirt and leggings combo or a dress, it’s fashion accessories that make a baby girl’s outfit complete. Although cute, sometimes moms go overboard with them, which is not pleasant to look at. So, instead of doing this, you should stick to the golden rule ‘less is more’.


Without a doubt, hair bands, especially elastic ones, are the most commonly used fashion accessories for baby girls. In fact, hairbands are the first accessory moms apply on their baby’s head as they won’t hurt their little soft head (fontanelle – wise). Without a doubt, hairbands are a stylish, modern and safe way to adorn any outfit on your little fashionista. Available in a range of styles, fabrics, sizes and details, you can choose from an ordinary and simple hairband in one colour to some fancy, colourful and flowery hairband.



Speaking from another point of view, these amazing fashion accessories will not only keep your baby girl’s ears warm, but they will also keep them flat. So, if your girl’s ears start to stick out, instead of taping them, you can use a hairband which is a painless and a fashionable method at the same time.


Fun, easy to use and functional, a baby girl suspender can turn any ordinary outfit into extraordinary. Available in a range of sizes, materials, colours and patterns, a baby girl suspender can certainly hold her skirt/pants while making her look cute as a button. Now, an important aspect of baby girl suspenders is choosing the right size.

The ideal and most accurate way to find out the right size for your baby girl is to take the right measures. Take a tape measure and start from the suspender attaching point and rub it over the opposite shoulder and down to where they attach on the front. And voila, you’re done.



The next important thing to know is that generally, there are three sizes of children’s suspenders. The shortest is 64cm and is designed for infants and toddlers under two years old. The second available suspender size is the one of 76cm which is designed to be worn until five years old. Leaving a room for changes is essential as not all children develop and grow the same. Children that are taller than 150cm can use the adult size suspenders. Now, regardless of the age of your baby, make sure you carefully read the little girl suspenders’ dimensions rather than their size as your baby might be too big for wearing the infant version regardless of her age.

Another important thing to have in mind is whether choosing a suspender with clips or buttons. Although you can find button suspenders in stores, usually they go together with bottoms, otherwise, you’ll need to sew buttons on the preferred girl’s bottom so you could attach the suspender. This particular thing makes button suspenders the least used option. The clip suspenders, on the other hand, are easier to use and can be attached to the bottom. For those wondering where to buy toddler suspenders, you can find them in every well-stocked and trusted kids clothing store.


Sunglasses are maybe one of the most essential fashion accessories. Not only cute, but quality kids sunglasses can certainly offer great protection to the otherwise delicate baby eyes. When talking about quality, you should look for sunglasses with UV protection and blue-light filters so they could protect your girl’s eyes from the harmful UV rays. The good news is that these days, you can choose sunglasses that can give you the best of both worlds – protection and style at the same time. Ranging in size, shape, material, colour and even pattern, you can easily find the right baby girl sunglasses for the right outfit.




Except for protecting the head during particularly cold and hot weather conditions, hats can also serve as a great fashion accessory that can be worn throughout the year. During winter, hats can protect your girl’s head from the cold weather and wind, while in the summer, they can provide her with the needed sun protection. Straw, cotton, bamboo and polyester are some of the many types of fabrics used for baby girls’ hats out of which the first three are considered as the gentlest choice for their head and skin.


The last but not least thing you can take into account are the baby girls shoes. Depending on her age, you can choose from the many cute soft baby shoes or from the ones with firmer sole, designed for those little girls who are already walking. The choice is huge and so is their quality, which is why you should only stick to shoes that are made of natural and kid-friendly materials like cotton and leather.