Top 10 Pregnancy Gifts Every Mum-to-Be Truly Wants

Pregnancy is a time to celebrate both the mum-to-be and the baby. Every pregnancy is important and equally sentimental whether it’s the mummy’s first child or not, and giving her a gift to mark the occasion will make her feel appreciated, loved and special.

What Do You Buy Someone Who Is Pregnant?

present for pregnant woman


While the inflow of newborn items is always welcome and unquestionably important, mums can occasionally get overlooked in the hubbub surrounding the new baby. It takes a lot of work to get ready to become a parent, whether it’s your first or fifth child. Although she might claim she doesn’t need anything, the truth is that she does. Furthermore, she deserves it!

Therefore, this is the right time to pamper the special mum-to-be in your life with beautifully arranged pregnancy gifts she can treasure for the years to come! Sometimes it can be challenging to select just a few of the greatest gifts to show her how much you care. Should you be more practical and purchase her a daily usage item? Or should you choose a gift that will give her warm, fuzzy feelings instead? In either case, you can’t go wrong as long as it comes from the heart and makes her feel special.

However, here are the greatest pregnancy gifts to buy for expecting mums, including items for baby showers, special occasions, or just because.

Gift Sets

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There is a good reason why everyone is in love with cosmetic gift sets. Having one that features a four-piece set of pregnancy- and nursing-safe products is a godsend! Gift the mum-to-be in your life “me time” with pregnancy gifts set that includes a bottle of belly oil that gently nourishes the skin and prevents stretch marks, soothing body wash, spray to help ease pregnancy-related aches and pains, and a candle made from basil, lime & mandarin to delight her senses while reading her favourite novel or having her regular yoga session.

Moreover, for a complete “special me” gifting these products may come in indulgent boxes with a special message of your choice and gift wrapping for the perfect finishing touch.

Prenatal Massage Gift Card

Oh, the delights of being pregnant… It can be rather lovely, but with the round ligament discomfort, foot cramps, and backaches, it’s undoubtedly no stroll in the park. Giving her a gift card for a prenatal massage will be like giving her the gift of happiness especially during the later stages of her pregnancy when she needs to prepare for newborn’s arrival. Many wellness centres offer customers the choice of scheduling a massage at home. All therapists are carefully screened, licensed, and insured, and you may express a gender preference if you’d like.

Maternity Belly Band

At this time, belly belts and trouser extenders are very much a need for maternity clothing, but if this is the mother-to-be’s first pregnancy, she might not be aware of the cosiness and flexibility these belts provide. As a result, any expecting mother may wear her favourite pre-pregnancy jeans for a lot longer than she probably anticipated thanks to these. And, no one will ever know that her jeans are undone because all she has to do is slide them on over her waist. Since there are tons of belly belt brands on the market always opt for ones made of premium fabrics.

Pregnancy Soft Pillow

pregnancy pillow


Think again if you believe that a new mother’s sleep begins to suffer only after the baby is born. The ever-growing tummy makes it difficult at times to be comfortable at sleep during the third trimester. The pregnant pillow is now here. This game-changing item may be utilized in practically any position imaginable and supports her bump gently so she can sleep comfortably through the night.

Diaper Backpack

The first thing that comes to mind when we say diaper bag is having all baby essentials packed in one! But, nowadays baby diaper backpacks offer so much more! They feature numerous pockets both inside and outside to guarantee that everything has its place and can be accessed quickly and simply.

Some baby diaper backpacks have luxe water-resistant outer and wipe-clean lining to serve the purpose for many years to come. Additionally, they can be worn in three different ways: as a purse, a crossbody, or a backpack. It’s also perfect for expecting mothers looking for a trendy choice that doesn’t scream “diaper bag.” Some may also have an electronic sleeve and a magnetic front flap for easy access.

Since it’s a popular gift choice for many expecting mums, one can get lost among so many available options on the market these days. To keep things simple, opt for ones made of materials that are easy to wipe. Many of them have ingeniously designed take-along changing kits that are detachable and come with a wipes pack and a changing mat, reducing the number of accessories you need to acquire for your luggage.

Make sure the diaper bag you plan on purchasing comes with smart compartments that are made to hold things like diapers, bottles, creams, sunglasses, lip gloss, and cell phones.

Water Bottle

The question isn’t when will the mum-to-be in your life use a water bottle, it’s when she won’t. It will immediately become her daily companion keeping her beverages extremely cold for hours on end. It will be a wonderful addition to her daily activities as well as her labour and delivery hospital bag during the postpartum time and beyond.

When looking for the ideal one, go for kitchen-grade stainless steel as it is totally dishwashing safe and won’t rust or puncture. Additionally, the bottle’s exterior won’t sweat and it’s completely leak-proof.

Wireless Earbuds

wireless earbuds


A nice set of wireless earphones can significantly improve your everyday happiness whether you’re listening to music or a podcast. If hers need to be replaced, think about compact, sweat-, water-, and dust-resistant earbuds. They boast a 24-hour battery life of up to five hours for the earphones and up to 19 for the case.

Alternatively, mum can use them separately if she wants to keep an ear out for a baby who is napping. Additionally, if she downloads the Tile app, she may sync it to help her locate her earbuds when she inevitably becomes preoccupied with the child and loses sight of them.


Want to give her something to remember and record her pregnancy? Gather images and share them in a Photobook, a beautiful pregnancy gift that she will like sharing with her child as they grow. Photographs of her expanding belly, various maternity attire, the baby shower, ultrasounds, or nursery setup are all possible options. This makes it simple for anyone to design a book deserving of coffee-table prominence with more than 500 layouts to pick from, ranging from minimalist to splashy.