Tractor Implements – Dirt Scoop vs Loader Attachment

Since the compact tractors are the most popular machines among the farmers and landscaping contractors, the manufacturers are continually looking to develop new tractor implements with a purpose to increase the compact tractors functionality. In fact, some compact tractors are useless without tractor attachments, but when equipped with the right attachment for every operation, they provide the operators an incredible versatility. The contractors don’t need to use all tractor implements, but only those that can make their tractors more versatile and flexible. The tractor implements can be classified according to their usage. Therefore, there are tractor attachments for landscaping jobs, attachments for agricultural jobs, material handling and maintenance tractor attachments.

Two very similar tractor attachments are the dirt scoop and the loader attachment. Both are used for digging, moving and dumping sand, gravel, soil and other materials, but they have many differences. Here is a short comparison between these two tractor attachments.


Dirt Scoop – This attachment is compact and very efficient for digging, moving and dumping small quantities of various materials. For operators who perform these small operations with a shovel and a wheelbarrow, the dirt scoop is a perfect alternative. With small size, the dirt scoop is more affordable option than the loader attachment. This handy attachment can be mounted either in front or at the rear, allowing digging in both forward and reverse direction. This way, the dirt scoop can be easily adjusted for every given operation, providing the operators more flexibility on the job site. The biggest advantage of the dirt scoop is its price, which is around $250. The dirt scoop is an essential tool for operators who are working on small digging and moving projects.

Loader Attachment – The loader attachment is certainly one of the most popular tractor implements, because it can transform the tractor into a powerful front-end loader. The loader attachment is generally used for moving and digging operations, which is not a case with the dirt scoop. Also, the loader attachment can lift pallets and move hay bales. The main disadvantage of the loader attachment is that it reduces the visibility of the operators when it is raised and makes the tractors difficult to maneuver on the ground. Although the loader attachment is popular and very efficient, it is a very expensive option. It come with a price that can be in the range of $2,000 to $3,000. Additionally, many front-end tractor attachments require a counterweight on the rear for increased balance.