Tripod Floor Lamp: Illuminate Your Space and Style

You could say that all floor lamps are the same. But the truth is, they come in different sizes, colours, designs and styles. Choosing the right one can be a challenge if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for. To make things easier, your safest bet is considering the style of your home and the available spots you have in your rooms for adding some extra design elements.

A tripod floor lamp might seem like an unnecessary addition if you have a small space. However, these lamps are usually placed in corners, where they can ooze their beauty without interfering with your space. These lamps are an excellent addition to modern spaces, but mid-century designs, as well as traditional lamps, could also give your home that missing X-factor.


Interior design is a wonderful aspect of outfitting a home but it comes with so many dilemmas and challenges. Most of us spend a lot of time considering what design element to get, where to place it, which colour should it be in. With tripod lamps it’s easy. They have a “personality” on their own. You can play with colours, sizes, models and details. Being a stylish architectural piece, a tripod floor lamp can make any space more serene and inviting.

tripod modern lamp near armchair


Common Tripod Lamp Materials


If you want to infuse your home with warmth and aesthetic appeal, your best bet is buying a wooden lamp tripod. Coming in a wide array of tones, these goodies can easily fit into any style such as traditional, vintage, modern and so on. The wooden tripod can also match the colour of your other pieces of furniture such as wooden coffee tables, chairs and even the floor.

Black Metal

If you’re into something edgier and want to get a lamp that would match well with the industrial, minimal or modern style of your home, office or other room. Black metal tripods can easily add some elegance, class and style to your space. Also, this is the colour that could help you break the monochromatic look of your room (if it’s all white for example). It would fit well in the corner, easily becoming the focal point even though it’s not a centrepiece.

black metal tripod lamp for living room


Common Standing Tripod Lamp Styles


There is something about the mid-century style that makes people love it even in today’s modern world. Mid-century modern tripod lamps ooze simplicity and elegance and could be the perfect choice for a home that needs gentle enlighting. This type of lamp could fit into a modern beach home or a boho apartment in the heart of a big city.


You have probably seen these lamps in those fancy retro-decorated homes. They usually have a lamp holder and a decorative lamp post and a lampshade on top (it’s usually narrow top and wide bottom). Made mainly of wood or bronze, traditional tripod floor lamps are always elegant and classy. Perfect for placing them in the corner right next to your favourite armchair or side coffee table.

bronze tripod lamp for bedroom


Decor Tips

Use your passion when decorating your home. Choose wooden, vintage tripod floor lamps for your traditional set living room.
Inspiration can be found anywhere around you. Sometimes, all it takes is to see a pattern or colour to know what you’re looking for.
If your space is large, feel free to position the lamp in an open area, instead of in the corner. Point the light in the direction you want to be enlightened and emphasized for the ultimate effect.

You can also use this lamp in your bedroom to create a calm and low-key ambiance. Do you need more light in your vanity corner? Place the lamp right next to your makeup table to get your makeup on point every single time. For offices, these lamps (especially metal tripod ones) are a superb idea since they give a sharp elegance and industrial look. Allow yourself to play with styles and pick a model that will seamlessly blend in your space and will make you happy when looking at it.