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Australian Road Freight Industry – News, Statistics and Trends

The road freight industry has an important role in the overall economy performance of Australia. The industry generates over $50 billion per year and employs around 193,000 people. Currently there are over 42,000 non-bulk freight businesses that ensure safe, reliable and fast transport of goods across the country.

In the past two decades the industry has showed a continuous growth which is believed to continue in the following 5 years. Innovative technology, safer and more efficient commercial vehicles and trucks, and increased number of e-commerce companies are major indicators for changes in the industry. This is believed to increase the number of trucks for sale in Australia, lower road freight rates, improve management, and increase profitable opportunities to both single-driver companies and industry leaders.

Furthermore, in the last decade, the road freight sector has seen intense competition due to increased number of smaller road transport companies. Namely, almost everyone with a valid truck driver license and a truck can offer road transport services (as long as the vehicle is registered). This has began the continuing outsourcing trend which prompted more employment opportunities and the increase in the demand for used and new trucks for sale in Australia. In fact, the registration of light rigid and heavy rigid trucks showed the largest growth rate in the last 5 years.

This trend will continue according to the industry experts. If you are in the trucking business, changes in the industry may affects you. Thus, it is important to closely follow industry reports and statistics. For the overview of Australian road transport sector, latest trends, demands, and issues, read our blog posts.