True Love Quotes and Sayings – Tips to Get Inspired

Love poems are all about expressing how you feel inside. Poetry is a great thing that allows you to put thoughts, feelings and memories into words, which sometimes we can’t do on our own. You get a great feeling after you write true love quotes and sayings because you’ve just made something that is wonderful, inspirational and amazing. Poetry is full of color and vibrancy, and it’s not just writing, it’s an art. 

True love quotes and sayings

Top 10 True Love Quotes and Sayings Tips 

1. Get a piece of paper and write down the feelings and descriptions that you want to project in your poem. Write down all the possible ideas for your poem. Remember that ideas can come from anywhere. Write about any interesting dreams that you remember vividly. Dreams are often quite bizarre and they easily provoke motivation for an interesting poem. An idea can also come from a quote, write the quote down so you have it for future inspiration. Another thing that can provoke an idea is an image. Often it will be a powerful and symbolic image, write it down on your paper. 

2. Visit a place that has the theme and setting that you’re describing in your love poem. Don’t force yourself to think of an original setting for your poem. Instead, go visit the place that you want to describe. You can’t really write about something unless you’ve experienced it. If your poem takes place in a forest, visit a forest and go for a walk. Maybe you’re trying to remember a place that holds a lot of memories and you haven’t been there for a long time, visit that place. The sights, the sounds and the smells will refresh your memories and give you great inspiration. 

3. Try imagining a scene based on something you’ve seen. You might have seen a person that caught your attention. Write something from the perspective of that person or make up a story revolving around them. If you’ve seen a movie or read a book that has really moved you and made a huge impact on you, write a love poem that will be an epilogue or a prologue. Just keep it original. 

4. Choose if you want to write a poem that rhymes or not. Think about some words which rhyme and fit in the theme of your poem. It’s really helpful if you have a rhyming dictionary. However, if you don’t, you have the internet. There are a lot of websites that provide rhyming dictionaries and some that you simply enter words and all words that rhyme with it will be shown. 

5. Try to write about your own experiences and memories. When writing about your own past, you will be able to visualize it better and give a much more vivid description. Because the memories and experiences mean something to you, readers will be able to feel the emotion in the poem. 

6. Picture what’s happening in the poem. Describe the feelings, emotions and senses in the love poems. Try to experience what you’re writing. 

7. Think of phrases and words that you’ve heard before and get a real feel of your poem. Make the phrases and words revolve around the theme and idea of the poem. 

8. If it doesn’t distract you, put music on while writing. Use music that makes you feel comfortable. Try to use music that will match the mood of your poem and make sure the music inspires you. 

9. When you’ve got everything figured out and you’re prepared, start writing. If you don’t start right away you’ll forget the poem. So start writing everything down before your feelings and emotions get away. 

10. Have fun and enjoy writing the love poems. This isn’t a chore, if you’re forcing yourself to write and you don’t want to do that, there is no point in doing it. Your poetry will just feel dull and unemotional. Maybe you’ll turn out to be a famous poet one day, no one knows!