Turn your TV into a computer monitor

tv to monitor

You love to watch movies, home videos, browse through family pictures, play video games with your friends and family, but doing all this on a computer is realy hard. Why not connect your computer to your TV and take advantage of a larger screen with higher resolution? Connecting computer to your TV is not superb for watching videos and browsing through pictures, but is also great for working on projects, going over important work documents, etc. To achieve this, your computer must have an output port that matches one of the input ports on the TV.

HDMI port – To connect your computer to your TV with HDMI cable, both your computer and TV must have HDMI ports. If they do, all you need to do is buy HDMI cable. Insert the HDMI cable in both computer and TV HDMI ports. Just make sure that you have long enough cable. Measure the distance from your computer to your TV before you buy HDMI cable. Once everything is connected, select HDMI source on your TV and enjoy watching your favorite movie or playing your favorite video game.

VGA port – In case you do not have HDMI port, you can connect your computer to your TV by VGA cable. All computer and TV models have VGA ports. However, the problem with this type connection, VGA to VGA, is the lack of sound. Because of the outdated technology, this cable can only transmit picture which will make watching high definition movie not a pleasant experience. To enable the sound, you need to buy a cable with two 3.5-inch male connector which will transfer sound between your laptop and TV. These cables are quite popular and easy to find.

DVI port – DVI or Digital Video Interface is a connection available on the newest TV and computer models. This means that you cannot connect a 5-year-old laptop to this year TV model using DVI port. Both devices must have DVI ports. To enable the sound, you will need an audio cable. Connect it from the headphone output of your computer to the audio input on your TV.

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