Types of carpet and tile cleaning equipment


In order to keep your house or commercial property clean and neat, constant cleaning of floors and tiles is required. Hence, many families have turned to large professional companies which perform carpet cleaning in Melbourne and other major cities. But, with technology progressing like never before, the choice of carpet and tile cleaning devices is expanding every year. If 20 years ago we had only a vacuum cleaner and a mop to clean the floors, today we have several different types of cleaning machines that are available for both commercial and home use. Despite the fact that new technology comes with a high price tag, it doesn’t take much time for this technology to become ancient and affordable. To make things easier when you are looking for a carpet or tile cleaning device, we’ll give you an overview of the latest types of such equipment.


Carpet cleaning equipment:

  • Hot water extraction: Also known as steam cleaning, this method uses hot water, special cleaning detergent and a powerful vacuum to distribute mixture onto the carpet and suck the same mixture as well as soil and dirt out of the carpet. Devices based on this method are very popular among households and are affordable. Their maintenance is no science fiction, as any person over the age of 15 can easily change the water and clean all inside parts without special tools. Most commercial cleaning companies claim that these machines are best on the market.
  • Dry foam cleaning: This method is similar to the previous, except that instead of using a mixture of hot water and detergent, it uses a foam mixture that acts like a magnet for soil and dirt gathered in carpet fibers. Although it is not as used as steam cleaning, this method is considered very effective.

Tile cleaning equipment:

  • Grout brushes: These are specially designed brushes with sharp and short bristles that allow most effective scrubbing, even without a special detergent. Yet, it is better to use hot water and some detergent to remove hard-to-clean stains. Most of these brushes can be found in any larger supermarket or home appliance store. They are a bit more expensive than standard cleaning brushes, but are worth the money.
  • Water-free cleaning: Chemists have discovered different detergents that don’t need any kind of liquids to make them more effective than they are in their original shape. Commercialized in recent years, these tile cleaning detergents¬† are used by applying them on tiles and sweeping them with a soft brush. Amazingly, the results are as effective as several hours of brushing.

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