Types Of Self Watering Planters, Ideas And Tutorials

Taking care of your garden is indeed an interesting and pleasurable hobby. From herbs and flowers to fruits an vegetables, you can transform your backyard into a little nook of paradise. As the English writer William Earl Johns, once said: ‘One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides’. We’d all agree that there is no bigger delight than seeing the fruits of your garden labour and most important of all – enjoying them.

To nurture a garden is to feed your soul. Hence, what you should really think of is how to make it your most beautiful masterpiece. If running out of ideas, here is one – self watering pots. Reason why? Self watering pots are not only a great décor idea for the garden, but they are also a brilliant solution to keep plants always fresh, in case you need to water them several times a day or you are away from home.

Different Types Of Self Watering Pots

For all eager novices of self watering pots, here is a simple guide to the different types of self watering planters, along with few ideas on how to implement them in your garden.

  • Self Watering Container Gardening



This self-watering option requires wooden boxes that feature plastic boxes on the base. There is a small control box fixed to the main water container, which maintains the water flow to the wooden boxes. The connection between the water reservoirs is through pipes and connectors. Self watering container is an effective and simple gardening idea you should consider.

  • Homemade Wooden Planter



As the name itself implies, this model of self watering planters is made out of wooden pieces you can cut yourself. Once you have the wooden pieces nicely done, you will have to screw their sides together to create a wooden box. Next step is to place the flooring in the box and add the reservoir pipes and the pond liner. Once done, you can plant your favourite herbs or vegetables and enjoy growing them.

  • Foam Box Self Watering System



If cheap and easy to made self-watering solution is what you are looking for, go for the foam box self watering system. For this you will need:

– PVC Pipe

– Foam Box with Lid

– Pair of Scissors

– Saw

– Stanley Knife

– Stick

– Waterproof Tape

First ‘to-do’ is to cut the lid to make its sides as a frame. Then, you will have to cut the PVC pipe, in order to make it fit to the size of the box. Once done, you need to cut three additional PVC pieces in the shape of connectors, and to insert them on the sides. Last step is to fill the foam box with soil and plant it. And you’re all set!