Useful 4×4 Upgrades for an Amazing Camping Adventure

There is no doubt about it – 4×4 are great multipurpose vehicles. You can use them in a professional capacity for they can store your tradie gear and get you to a worksite. Doesn’t have to be all work though. Many take them to head as deep into the bush as possible. When it’s time to play, a 4WD ute is one of the best ways to set up camp.

Pantech Trailer

While most off-road enthusiasts are concerned about performance-oriented aftermarket parts and accessories, you can do your best to mix it up with reliable camping gear. There are a lot of ways to do that but we will share some of the most popular.

Add a Trailer

We are not talking about a proper camp trailer because these units can cost a lot and potentially become a liability if you are not using them on a regular basis. You can go for a small enclosed Pantech trailer that will take your extra luggage during a 4×4 camping adventure. Depending on the exact model and its design, you can use it in other situations as well.

Some of the best options out there are designed and made in Australia. When choosing a Pantech trailer, you will come across many models on the market. You can easily find a trailer made from a galvanized steel chassis and frame. These units have a long service life and are corrosion-resistant.

It goes beyond this too. Enclosed Australian trailers have polished checker plates at the base, while the body is made of composite aluminum. Pantech trailers have either a ramp door or a lift door. Colors and sizes can be further customized. To make sure you are getting a high-quality product, take a look at the hinges, gas struts, and flush mount locks. Make sure they are heavy-duty and made to last.

You can use these trailers to load your luggage, place some sporting equipment, or even make a mobile kitchen out of them. Everyone that has been on a road trip in the hinterland is aware that eliminating extra cargo before each trip is hard. Towing a trailer will make it possible for you to take many of those items along.

Pantech Trailer

Transform Your Roof Into a Tent

When real estate comes at a premium you got to make every available surface count. While it is typical for car roofs to house some sort of rails or cages, this might be the second-best option. Yes, you can load some of your cargo up there, especially the jerry cans, recovery tracks, bikes, and other bulky loads. But you can also use the roof to get comfortable.

Many off-road enthusiasts install a rendition of the semi-permanent rooftop tents. You can even choose the actual style of the tent. This is fairly rare when it comes to the challenging tight spaces in a 4WD.

Some rooftop tents have an annex that extends to the side of the vehicle. Others stick to simplicity and aim to be the ultimate fast pitch tent. Some people prefer this option as small rooftop tents can be set up very quickly.

The quick setup is not the only advantage of having your tent on the roof. They are weatherproof and unassuming when not needed. The case is sturdy on the outside, however, they are very comfortable on the inside. And of course, this provides better protection from wildlife because of the elevated sleeping position. Some prefer rooftop tents due to the high level of insulation. This is particularly true for 4WD with thermal and acoustic insulation – you simply can not find anything like it if you sleep on the ground.

One disadvantage to having a rooftop tent is the means to get up there. One solution is to carry a ladder. Another is to adjust or create improvised steps on the chassis for climbing. And then there are those that don’t like to sleep above ground level.

Pantech trailer


This is a great addition to your 4×4 camping gear, especially if you have a compact roof tent. Or, if you have an outdoor kitchen in your trailer and no proper means to create a shade. You can easily find different configurations that provide decent cover.

One of the most popular in this category is the batwing or 270 degrees 11 sqm awning designed to cover as much as possible when deployed from one side of your jeep. Other options include the foxwing as well as a straight two-pole awning attached to the side. Whatever rocks your boat, as long as you have a cool and nice shade to rest after a long off-road drive.

Although they might seem fragile, most materials used for awnings are top-notch. Starting from ripstop fabrics and high-quality poles and fittings, they can withstand quite a beating. They are made to last you at least five seasons. With proper care, you can extend their service life.