Various Types Of Mining Equipment

The mining industry offers probably the most dangerous job positions in the world, as the working environment is very hazardous for the health of the workers. Also, the miners use specific mining equipment, such as mining excavators, mining shovel, and other machines, which if not operated properly they can cause serious accidents. In the past, the miners performed the mining operations by their hands and with some small handmade tools. But today, the mining industry use automatic and modern mining equipment that is specifically designed for tough and difficult tasks.


There are different types of mining machines and equipment on the market. You can find drilling tools, blasting tools, drill rigs, blasting machines, mining shovel, mining excavators, mining locomotives, industrial crushers, cutting machines, loaders and other heavy-duty machines. The standard mining equipment includes:

Mining Excavator – The mining excavator is the most important mining machine. This machine can be used for different mining tasks. There are few mining excavators available for the mining field. By using the latest technologies, the mining excavators today deliver many benefits and advantages. The most commonly used mining excavators are: dragline excavator, crawler excavator and the suction excavator.

Mining Light System – Commonly neglected, the mining light systems are vital part for any mining operation. With a proper mining light system, the miners are capable to deliver better results. A standard mining light system is composed of LED lights (or laser less frequently), magnetic switch and a heat sink.

Mining Shovel – A mining shovel is a machine equipped with a bucket which is used for loading and digging earth. The mining shovel is composed of electrically controlled mechanisms, a power plant, and a front attachment (most commonly a boom). Some mining shovel models come with counterweight. Hydraulically or electronically powered, the mining shovel is a cost-effective machine that can be used for many applications.