Veho – A Globally Recognized Electronics Brand


Veho is a British manufacturer and globally recognized brand for lifestyle consumer electronics. Founded in 2006, this privately held company today employs about 200 workers. With sales distribution centers in over 100 countries and 5 main offices (in UK, Singapore, Dubai, NY and Hong Kong), Veho brand has received a global recognition for its energetic and fresh approach, strong brand identity and product design.

Because of the cutting-edge designs and innovative technology, Veho quickly became a household name for electronics and lifestyle gadgets, such as hands-free action cameras, digital microscopes, digital photo albums, wireless and water resistant speakers, including well-known Veho mounts and other related Veho accessories. Veho has commercial and consumer divisions, and the brand is focused on satisfying education and security needs. With Veho electronics and Veho accessories, you are sure to make a statement.

Veho produces a wide range of mainstream and niche consumer electronics which are marked under separate brands. The Veho product range includes: the Pebble™ portable power for mobile devices, MIMI™ WiFi speaker, MUVI™ camcorder range, SAEM ™ mobile accessories, 360° portable audio, and other useful and unique electronics.

MUVI – Veho offers a wide range of body worn and action cameras, including the MUVI Atom. This camera is the smallest action camera in the world. The MUVI brand includes six cameras, and it is one of the leading brands on the market for action cameras. In May, 2014 Veho released the new MUVI K-series range.

Pebble – This brand includes a wide range of portable, rechargeable batteries for mobile devices, like smart phones, GPS units, tablets, cameras, etc. With its Pebble brand, Veho is a leader on market for portable power.

360° – Veho also offers a wide range of portable and best-selling audio devices, including a range of rechargeable wireless speakers and earphones with unique features and design.

SAEM – These are accessories for mobile devices. The range includes S1 Bluetooth hands-free car kit, S6 water resistant case for smart phones, the unique S7 iPhone cases with integrated memory drive, and many other unique Veho accessories for mobile phones.

Veho is a reputable manufacturer, always open for good ideas. They are never afraid to explore new ways for expanding their business. New and innovative products and accessories is certainly their mission and goal.