A Comprehensive Guide to Voltage Transformers


Power transformers, also known as power converters and voltage converters, are electric devices whose sole purpose is to adjust the electrical output of a power source. The most common type of adjustment these devices have to make is to lower the voltage from 220V to 11-120V or conversely. The main reason for this is the fact that many power tools, electronic devices and appliances are built to be used with a specific voltage, which isn’t always available. That being said, scaling the power to the right level is the only way to power them.

There are numerous reasons to buy a step up or step down voltage transformer. One of the most common ones is powering US-manufactured devices. A step down transformer is used to transform 240V, 230V or 220V electricity down to 120V or 110V so that electronics and appliances that require 120V and 110V can be properly used. Step up voltage transformers, on the other hand, are used to transform 120V or 120V electricity up to 240V, 230V or 220V. However, there are also 2-way transformer models that can scale up and scale down electricity as well.

When buying a step up or step down transformer, you need to pay close attention to the wattage. The wattage should be 50% higher than the maximum wattage that all of the plugged devices use. This is a simple precaution to ensure all of your appliances function optimally, as well as to avoid having your transformer damaged in the process. Generally, the more wattage a transformer offers, the more expensive it will be.

Sometimes, the voltage provided by the power supply can quickly go up and down by a significant amount of volts, an occurrence known as ‘blowout’, which is quite common in some areas. This can be pretty bad for most appliances, especially if the voltage drops completely. Other times, the voltage can quickly go back to normal, causing a large power spike which can damage the appliances and devices.

However, there’s a simple solution to this problem – a voltage stabilizer which will protect your device from power surges. Some transformers have built-in voltage stabilizers, while others don’t. If the model you opt for doesn’t have a stabilizer, you should consider buying one. These devices ensure a stable level of voltage regardless of the rapid voltage shifts that occur. In case there are rapid fluctuations, the transformer will immediately turn off, preventing any damage to be caused to the attached electronics.