Waste Types You Should Not Put In A Skip Bin

Is there a better feeling than enjoying a clean house after a good decluttering session? It feels amazing. And while for many the biggest concern is what to keep and what to toss, properly disposing the waste is what matters the most.


Skip bins are an excellent option to get rid of unnecessary stuff when hard cleaning your home or doing any type of renovation. However, certain items and materials should not be put in the same skip bin with the other waste and must be disposed of separately. This is because they are toxic and dangerous. Besides, putting such hazardous items in a skip bin can result in additional disposal charges. So, when selecting a waste, you must classify waste types.

The list below is a complete guide on which hazardous waste types are not accepted by skip companies. However, we highly recommend you contact the skip company directly and inquire about which type of waste you should not put in the skip bin. This will save you time, money and trouble.

Waste Types You Need To Refrain From Placing In The Skip Bin


  • Chemicals – According to the Australian law, it is forbidden to throw chemicals in skip bins since some have the ability to react when exposed to other types of materials.
  • Pesticides & Herbicides – Pesticides and herbicides are considered as one of the most hazardous waste types. They are extremely harmful and are a serious threat to living things including humans.
  • Flammable Materials – Flammable materials can cause environmental degradation because of the possible sparks that can come in contact with other waste materials.
  • Asbestos – Asbestos is a traditional and widely used construction material that is extremely dangerous for people’s health. It is hazardous material that mustn’t be inhaled by people. Asbestos exposure must be limited in order to ensure better health.
  • Vehicle Tyres – The Australian government does not allow disposal of Eco-toxic materials via skip bins. These Eco-toxic material can be extremely dangerous for the environment when exposed to high temperatures.
  • Gas Bottles – High risk of fire and explosion.
  • Batteries – Over time, battery acid can leak and cause corrosion or fire.

Other types of waste that cannot be disposed off using skip bins are:

  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Medical And Clinical Waste
  • Paint & Paint Cans
  • Solvents
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Oil
  • Petrol And Diesel