waterproof strip Led lightsWays To Enhance Your Garden’s Appeal with LED Strip Lights

You got rid of the pesky weeds, trimmed the bushes, watered the flower beds and cleaned the pool. You’ve created a cosy little lounge area and set up a grill and all you can think of now is how perfect your garden is for having people over. But as soon as a garden get-together extends well into the evening, you will notice the impact lighting has on setting the mood. You might have remembered to install a fixture or two over the porch for the sake of visibility, but I’m sure you’d wish to have made a smarter and more stylish choice. Let me introduce to you the latest innovation in lighting called LED strips. Colourful LED strip lights can present the right amount of illumination and at the same time bring the perfect pep to any outdoor area. Here are a few ways you can use them to unleash your garden’s full potential.


Create a Luxurious Pool Atmosphere

If you are lucky enough to own an in-ground pool, your nightly swims can really benefit from a specialized pool lighting solution. Fitting some waterproof strip Led lights around the edges of your pool is a good way to make it safe and visible, as well as attractive. I’m sure you’ve already noticed this type of impressive lighting at luxurious hotels or resorts and must have thought it’s something way out of the reach of your pocket. But in fact, LED strips are one of the more affordable types of outdoor lighting. With a small investment you can create a pool area that looks like a million dollars.

Showcase Special Features

It’s important to mention waterproof strip Led lights don’t have to be reserved for pools only. The fact that they are water resistant means that these lights can be installed at any area that’s completely in the open and unprotected against rain showers. For instance, their soft glow is convenient for an overhead lighting choice for garden gazebos. In fact, the colourful look and comfortable illumination of LED strip lights is what makes them the top choice for any social spots in a yard like pergolas or patios.


Whatever feature you want to draw interest to, LED strip lights are the best way. Have an impressive fence that disappears in the darkness? Place a row of LED strips over its top and let some dangle off the end and transform it into an impressive waterfall of light. These lights are easy to install by yourself and are thin enough to fit in all kinds of spaces such as the edges of stairs, around hand rails, under planters and along pathways. The fact that they don’t have a limit in length means that you can even place some around the eaves of you house as a subtle and stylish alternative for holiday lights.

Add Some Light to the Landscape

LED strip lights offer so many ways to get creative and energize your landscape come nightfall. Scattering strip lights around landscape elements like flower beds and bushes is a perfect way to add some illumination to traditionally dark areas of the garden. The flexibility of LED strip lights makes them ideal for winding up trees and around hedges during any time of the year. You can even turn your lawn into a night canvas by creating some wire frames in interesting shapes, running strip lights around them and lay them throughout the ground.