Ways To Explore Melbourne

Ways To Explore Melbourne

Melbourne is a great holiday destination and the second largest city in Australia. It is well know for never-ending events and many attractions that you can see if you decide to explore it. The best way to see all attractions and famous sites is by using public transport. Trains in Melbourne are very affordable and efficient. Also, they are very convenient if you plan to visit places such as the Melbourne University or Melbourne Zoo, the Spencer Street train station which is the attraction itself, the amazing and gorgeous Flinders Street Station, the Melbourne Aquarium which is located between the Southern Cross Stations and Flinders Street Station, St. Kilda, etc. Grab a map of Melbourne and a train timetable and start exploring.

The trams are also a unique way to explore Melbourne and add to the character of the city since Melbourne is the only city in Australia where this type transport still operates. There are easy to use and have regular driving schedule. There is a well know City Circle Tram, the free service that operates around the city and for sure this is the best way if you want to see the famous and beautiful landmarks in Melbourne such as Princess Theater, St. Paul’s and St. Patric’s Cathedral, Telstra Dome and Docklands.

Another great way to discover Melbourne is with a bus. If you like to party, use the night party bus. This bus offers fun tours including cafe tours, pub and nightclub tours and is also very popular for birthday parties. If you are not interested in a party bus, use regular bus to check out the interesting places around Melbourne that are not included in organized tours. Also, if you do not want to use any kind of public transport, get a taxi or use the services of car rental Richmond company. Even though the public transport in Melbourne is reliable, efficient and affordable, sometimes it is better to look for cheap car hire Richmond services and travel on your own.

There are many options for car hire in Richmond that you can use. Depending on your budget, there are also plenty of cheap van hire Melbourne companies. Many of the attractions in Melbourne have own parking places including the Queen Victoria Markets, Melbourne University, Melbourne Zoo and Melbourne Aquarium, so you will not have to spend time looking for available parking space. There are numerous car rental Richmond companies, so you will surely find the vehicle that suits your needs. Melbourne is a city that has a lot to offer, so whatever you decide to use, a public transport or services of a car rental Richmond company, what’s important is to enjoy your trip.

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