Wedding Décor Ideas: Create the Perfect Rustic Wedding with Burlap and Hessian

A rustic wedding theme has a certain inherently calming quality, similar to the warm, homey sensation of going home. What better way to start your new life with your spouse than to immediately invoke memories of home? The rustic wedding persona can be characterised by a laid-back environment, calming neutral tones, natural abundance and substantial wood accents to ground the laid-back colour scheme.

Burlap and Hessian – The Major Players in Rustic Weddings

There’s no doubt that burlap and hessian play a significant role in sophisticated weddings. While some brides have left this style, a large crop of brides still adores this classic country style. If you want to create that rustic atmosphere at your wedding, combining hessian and burlap fabrics is the way to go.

vintage wedding burlap decoration

Besides being extremely popular, vintage wedding burlap also meshes well with the rural setting of a countryside wedding. When searching for wedding hessian and burlap, you’ll come across ready-made products, as well as buntings, table fabrics, and chair covers to create your own wedding decorations.

We’ve put together a list of 10 fantastic burlap décor ideas to help you start planning how you can achieve this look on your special day. That way, you can add even more of the rustic edge to your big day.

How Do You Decorate for a Rustic Wedding?

Wedding Invitations

Based on the invitation’s style, paper, design, and other details, wedding invitations, especially rustic wedding invitations, can describe the kind of day the guests can expect.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the kind of rustic wedding invitation you want to design, but some of the most popular ones use craft paper, recycled paper, and cotton paper with raw edges. Decorate or place them on a piece of hessian fabric, and you’ve got the best rustic wedding invitations.

Most wedding stationery now comes in sets, or “invitation suites,” that include a save-the-date card, wedding invitation, RSVP card, and other enclosure cards. These sets are ideal for a rustic wedding because you can add your own personalised details to make the invitation truly unique.

Table Decoration

You might be exploring how to decorate your table in a rustic or farm-style manner. The possibilities for rustic wedding tables are endless. Add hessian and burlap along with barks, vases, tree slices, burlap, wooden bark tree light holders, and other elements to give the space a sophisticated and elegant feel.

rustic wedding table decoration

Use natural bark jars, buckets, or mismatched coloured bottles for the wedding reception’s centrepieces and wedding favours and flowers for a cosier, outdoor or indoor atmosphere. Use brown card luggage tags as place settings, and provide succulents as party favours. Hessian table runners, twig hearts strung throughout the venue, and candle holders made from tree bark will help you to perfect your rustic wedding reception décor.

Pull-Off a Rustic Backdrop

Create a rustic yet elegant backdrop for your wedding by hanging heart-shaped lights on strings with seasonal flowers. By incorporating an abundance of greenery, tulle and hessian burlap to create a rustic wedding design that is nature-inspired, you’ll further enhance the beautiful surroundings.

Convert your traditional wooden arch from the ceremony to the reception if you want a more understated appearance, and decorate it with a small hanging bouquet or vines decorated with burlap. Choose white doors with your initials and big, colourful bouquets hanging overhead at the doorposts for a more modern-rural feel.

Consider adding a rustic touch with old barn doors covered in willow and twisted vines. You can beautify your backdrop with sparkling lights, hanging mason flower vases, flowing ribbons, delicate flowers, and lace fabrics.

Arch Décor

A wooden wedding arch is your best option for wedding decorations with a rustic theme. The most popular geometric and rectangular shapes for rustic wedding decorations include cathedral and rectangular. They favour both symmetrical and asymmetrical accent placement.

The versatility of rustic wedding receptions for arches allows you to dress them up or down. Drape chiffon with floral accents over it in a well-arranged asymmetrical fashion for a generally romantic appearance. Vibrant blooms with a mix of greenery and wedding burlap and hessian are the ideal accent for a more natural setting. Painting or staining the wood to match your rustic wedding colour scheme will also enhance your wedding aesthetic.

Wedding Aisle

Organising your aisle will help you add an organic touch to your stylishly rustic wedding. Decorate it by lining it with wooden chairs and lanterns. You can hang mason jars filled with flowers and decorated with burlap from rods attached to the altar for a sleeker look.

rustic wedding aisle decor

Cover your wooden pews or hay bales in petals or clusters of flowers. If you’re feeling more daring, place potted pampas or other types of natural grasses along them. Choose barrels as chairs with carpet grass lining the aisle for a traditional farm setting. You can place wooden logs in your wedding aisle and hang old-fashioned lanterns from them, or you can run greenery along birch.

Mix Greenery and Burlap

Rustic wedding décor and greenery go hand in hand. An herb or greenery backdrop will give your wedding a modern rustic twist. Another choice is to place candles and potted plants along the aisle. Decorate chairs with fern or eucalyptus garlands encircling adorable signage for a rustic chic wedding appearance.

For long tables, eschew floral centrepieces and substitute natural garlands. Potted plants or greenery in contrasting containers look special on smaller tables. Add some complementary, glowing candles for a coppery finishing touch. Add small extras, such as rosemary or lavender sprigs in herb table pans for a glitzier appearance. Use the floral table settings and cake toppers to your advantage.