Wedding Favours – Interesting Ideas to Consider for Your Big Day

For brides and grooms, spending their wedding day surrounded by their loved ones while saying their vows is an unforgettable experience. To thank family and friends for their attendance and support, it is a tradition that the happy couple gifts their loved ones with wedding favors as a symbol of their appreciation and love.

Aside from being a nice gesture, wedding favours are also a way to have a little fun with your table dressing. An unusual, thoughtful wedding favour will be appreciated by all your guests, and if you get it right, it is sure to be remembered. What wedding favours ideas usually catch your eye? Do you prefer customized favors or perhaps a delicious treat? Here are some ideas to help you get inspired for your big day.

Mason Jars

Mason Jars

No matter your wedding theme or style, mason jars provide the base to get creative and truly wow your guests. Your guests will already love receiving a take-home jar, so pick your contents carefully to take these wedding favours to the next level. Keep things sweet by sending your guests home with mini jars of chocolate mousse. Be sure to order extras in case chocolate lovers decide to grab more than one. To gift your guests a little something more unique, fill the jars with homemade tomato jam, which they can pair with their favourite food after the wedding. Cure any morning-after-the-wedding blues with mason jar favors filled with your favourite coffee beans. No matter how you fill your mason jar wedding favours, adding a personalized touch to the lid is always a great idea.

Alcohol for wedding


One can never go wrong with mini champagne bottles. Alternatively, you could use mini bottles of wine, beer, juice, or any other drink you like. Choose your favourite brand or add extra personalization with custom labels.

handmade wedding soaps

Handmade Soaps

Handmade artisanal soaps are a popular wedding favor idea – especially among those who are getting married outdoors or during the summer. You can either buy them or make your own using scented wax and oils. Make sure you stick with all-natural ingredients for the safest, allergy-friendly soaps.

wedding donuts


Whether boxed up individually or handed on a custom wall display, doughnuts are always a good idea. I’m sure that your guests will be really excited to take these wedding favours home – that is, if they don’t eat them first.

infused olive oil

Infused Olive Oil

If you are a foodie, you will love this wedding favour idea. Treat your guests to bottles of gourmet infused olive oil that they can use when cooking at home. You can personalize the bottle by including a card with your favourite recipe or with tips on how to use the dressing. This is a particularly great idea for couples getting married at a farm or a vineyard.


Refreshing Mints

Mints are perfect for freshening up after the wedding meal and they are also a great option for those on a tight budget. You can buy mints in bulk online or multipacks of mint rolls from discount stores and place them in small paper bags. Make the bags a bit more personalized by adding a cute little sticker that says ‘mint to be’!

How much should you spend on our wedding favour?

One important question that couples hesitate about when choosing their wedding favours is how much they should spend on each gift? As a general rule of thumb, couples tend to spend anywhere from $2 to $3 on each wedding favour. But this estimate isn’t a rule to follow. When setting a price point, you should consider two main factors: your budget and how many guests will be attending the ceremony. Keep in mind that budget-friendly flavours can be just as meaningful and enjoyable as more expensive options. Use your judgment to decide on the best wedding favour for your budget and be confident that your guests will leave your ceremony feeling touched by the sweet gesture, regardless of what they have received.

wedding favours 1

When should you give your guests their wedding favours?

If your favour is edible and it is something that your guests should consume later, then arrange the favours on a table near the exit of your wedding reception. Ask your wedding planner or a member of the venue’s staff to set out the favours once the dancing has started so that guests won’t feel like they need to carry it around with them all night. Consider using individual jars as place cards. Write your guests’names on one side of each tag and the table assignments on the other. If you are gifting favours that can be be used during the reception, hand them out whenever you think fits your celebration’s timeline best.