What Are The Different Vinyl Flooring Types

Your flooring choice is a reflection of your lifestyle and your budget. And now it is possible to reflect your design ideas and your style with an affordable option of vinyl flooring. It is nowadays one of the most resilient, versatile and affordable flooring options available on the market. It offers style, durability and long-lasting performance. It’s practical, easy to install and maintain and very fashionable.


All vinyl flooring types, come in many colours, textures and patterns to match any existing interior design. And thanks to the rotogravure process, vinyl flooring comes in designs that a perfect copy of natural wood tile and marble. Regardless of the vinyl flooring types you choose, this resilient flooring solution is ideal for any room in your home, especially bathroom, kitchen, kids room, basement, garage. No wonder it is No.1 flooring solution for hospitals, schools and kindergartens. Here’s more about 3 different vinyl flooring types – sheet, tile and plank.

  • Sheet come in rolls. When it comes to installation, the sheet is rolled flat and then cut in order to match the shape and dimensions of the room it is being installed in. Sheet is among the most used vinyl flooring types, as it is characterized by smoothness and continuous flow of a visual design or pattern. Vinyl sheet comes in three different models, each designed for a different method of installation: felt-backed, vinyl-backed and modified loose-lay. It is ideal for high-moisture areas because of the possibility to be installed seamlessly.
  • The second in the row of vinyl flooring types is the tile. This type of vinyl flooring is manufactured to exact dimensions and thickness to give the floor a uniform appearance. Vinyl tile is ideal for utility areas, kitchens, bathrooms and playrooms. When it comes to installation, vinyl tile offers a variety of quick and easy options and it is the most suitable choice among vinyl flooring types for DIY’s.
  • Vinyl plank flooring is an economic and easy to instal and maintain imitation of wood. It is usually manufactured in standard sizes common to wood floors and creates a seamless appearance once installed. Available in a variety of colours, wood grains and finishes, it is inexpensive way of creating modern and luxury flooring in your home. One of the biggest advantages of vinyl plank flooring is that it’s waterproof and exceptionally durable. It is almost impossible to confuse plank with other vinyl flooring types, because of its exceptional wood-like look.