What Do You Need to Know About Second-Hand Small Cranes For Sale – Part 1

As the world is making a significant progress in all aspects, the construction equipment is not an exception. Innovative and advanced pieces of construction equipment are constantly emerging on the market, replacing the old ones. The cranes are some of the most important construction machines that can be found on almost any job site. New and innovative cranes are replacing the old cranes, which end up for sale. Many people recognize the benefits that can be gained by purchasing used construction equipment, and are increasingly looking for second-hand big or small cranes for sale.


If each crane is well-maintained and kept in top condition, it can deliver good performances on the construction site. Both used large and small cranes for sale come with lower prices than the new ones. Also, the second-hand small cranes for sale can start working in a short period of time, unlike the new ones which need to go through a procedure that can last up to one year. A second-hand crane can be delivered anywhere in the world, and modified to meet the operator’s preferences for completing different kinds of lifting tasks.

However, the number of second-hand small cranes for sale on the market all around the world is small and might discourage many buyers that are in doubt whether to buy a new or a second-hand machine. When looking for a second-hand small crane, there are few things that need to be considered, such as the outreach requirements, the maximum lifting capacity, lift height, wheel loads and stability on uneven locations. In the following text you can find out more about what you need to know when buying second-hand cranes.


When looking for a of second-hand small cranes for sale, you need to consider the modifications that might need to be made. Few changes can be made without interrupting the structural integrity of the crane. The most frequently made changes are replacing the power supply and the rail gauge. Also, many buyers consider increasing the lift height. This modification can be done byh adding a new mast section, below or above the seal beams, which increases the lift height from 3 to 9 meters.

Increasing the outreach is also a common modification that can be made to the second-hand small cranes for sale. The portal beam height on second-hand cranes can be increased in order to clear the newer straddle carriers. Additionally, some crane operators consider decreasing the overall width of the crane, especially those who buy older crane models. The older cranes exceed 30 meters in width, so they need to decrease the overall width.

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