What Do You Need To Know Before Fitting A Crane Into A Truck? – Part 2

Continuing from part 1…

The Affect Of the Crane On The Truck – One of the most important things to consider with crane trucks is to check if the crane will affect the operation and stability of the truck. Usually, the crane is mounted on the rear of the truck which extends the overall reach. But it puts more weight on the rear axle which may affect the overall load capacity of the truck. In applications where loading is from side, the crane is mounted right behind the cab. Also, the position of the crane affects the performance of the truck when the entire unit is on a road. Simply said, this can make the entire unit unsafe. It should be well considered where to mount the crane. If necessary, add additional axles.


Visibility And Controls Of The Truck-Mounted Crane – Before mounting a crane on a truck, estimate how will the operator control the crane. Visibility is crucial, thus whenever you mount a crane onto a truck, make sure the operator has great visibility of the site and the road. Most truck cranes for sale Australia have a stationary control cab with obscured visibility, but it may be too far from the lifting area for some applications. Also, many truck cranes for sale Australia offer remote control operating. It provides the truck cranes operators with better visibility and increases the safety as it allows the operator to operate from a safe distance and place. Whichever option you choose, make sure the visibility will not be affected by the location of the crane on the truck frame.

Check If There Is A Reliable Service And Support – Last, but not least, you need to check if there is a reliable servicing for truck cranes Australia in your city. Check if there is a team that can provide a regular service and match your needs. If there is a choice, check how experienced all providers are and the waiting time for a scheduled service. Also, ask if the service provider will pay the transportation for your truck-mounted crane to the service center. This will save you lots of money.

Before you start searching for truck cranes for sale Australia, it would be wise to invest a little more time and learn more about the important factors we’ve mentioned before mounting a crane onto a truck. All the factors have a strong impact on the overall performance of truck cranes, and their efficiency as well.

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