What Equipment do Cricket Players Need?

Cricket is a very popular sport in Australia. The first match was played over 200 years ago. That’s quite a long history. Even today, people choose cricket over other sports because it’s a very fun, thrilling and challenging sport. Also, cricket is very beneficial for physical and mental health. So, without further ado, get yourself ready and start hitting the ball.

Proper Cricket Shoes and Clothes (Preferably White)

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Why do cricketers wear white dresses? There are a couple of reasons why. In the beginning, cricket was part of the group of summer sports meaning that if you wanted to play cricket you would have been doing that under the burning sun. And cricket is not a sport that lasts a couple of minutes. Some matches (first-class ones or test matches) are being played for 6 hours or more every day for 3-5 days. So, the point of the white dresses is to repel the heat thus allowing players to fully focus on the match. Also, the colour white aids the visibility and it is considered to be a royal colour. So there you have it.

Usually, cricket players wear polo t-shirts, a woollen vest if it’s cold, white long trousers and a cap. But that doesn’t mean that you should wear the same too. If you’re a basic human being wanting to play cricket for fun, you can do it wearing something similar, something you find comfortable.

You should pay special attention to the shoes, however. In the same way, you benefit from the right running shoes you’ll benefit from the right cricket shoes. Cricket shoes have a special design that prevents players from slipping and improve traction. Cricket shoes have spikes at the bottom and a rubber sole. Cricket players usually pick the shoes according to what their role in the game is. Batters, spinners and wicket keepers need lightweight shoes. The pace and medium pace bowlers go for shoes with sturdy upper.

Super Functional Cricket Bag with Wheels

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Which kit bag is best for cricket? This depends on the player himself. There are many different types of cricket bags available on the market and there’s no such thing as a single perfect choice. There are a couple of things you need to take into consideration when it comes to picking a cricket bag: the size, the material, the level of functionality, the design and the price.

You can come across small, medium and large cricket bags. And oftentimes the large ones are the best choice because as a cricket player you will have a lot of equipment to store and transport. An alternative is carrying both a medium-sized and a small-sized cricket bag but that’s not practical.

What is practical is a cricket bag with wheels. Why carry all that weight on your back when you can get yourself a cricket bag with wheels, that’s a pure depiction of functionality? Wheeled bags have a top lid for easy access, a spacious main compartment and a couple of smaller external pockets that you can use to store some small but important items. Always pick cricket wheelie bags made from strong and durable materials because they need to be strong enough to endure some weight carrying over their lifespan. Ideally, you want a cricket bag with wheels made from heavy-duty fabrics and with an internal frame that’ll make sure the cricket wheelie bag has a great shape at all times.

You can choose from the many different colours and prints available and get a bag that fully represents your style. The price of the bag depends mainly on the brand but also the quality of the bag. Naturally, high-quality cricket bags are more expensive but they also last longer so when you think about it, it’s worth spending a bit more money to get a product that serves its purpose.

A Well Crafted Cricket Bat

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One can’t play cricket without a cricket bat. But the hard part is picking an ideal bat in the first place because there are several options on the table. Different cricket bats have different sizes and weights. But, you can find the perfect bat size for yourself based on your height. The taller you are the longer/bigger the bat should be.

Cricket bats are made from willow wood which is lightweight but at the same time shock resistant which is important considering you’re hitting balls with the bats. They have a smooth, flat face and backing that resembles a spine. You’re supposed to hit the ball with the flat side. Somewhere in the middle of the bat is the sweet spot. A sweet spot is a place on the bat that provides the ball with maximum acceleration following an impact.

Now, if you want to keep your bat in great condition you need to take care of it properly. That means applying linseed oil or special cricket bat oil before every match and every time you notice the bat looks worn out. If the bat is damaged beyond repair you need to replace it with a new one.

Protective Gear is a Must

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For obvious reasons. You certainly don’t want a ball going with the speed of 150-160 km/h to hit you, because that would be a pain you’ll never forget. Talk about vivid memories. So, to cut to the chase, you’re going to need a special helmet meant for cricket that has a faceguard, gloves with padded areas (made of leather and nylon), elbow guards made of foam, arm guards, a chest guard, a box that protects the private parts and thigh pads. While you’re at it you can also get a Garmin heart rate monitor with a chest strap.

You need every item on that list if you don’t want to suffer some serious injuries. It’s all fun and games until the ball hits you and makes you forget to take a breath because all you can think about is the pain you’re feeling. Usually, the upper part of cricket players is most affected and the most common injuries are strains, fractures, bruises as well as open wounds. Luckily these are all avoidable as long as you don’t forget to wear your protective gear.