What Is Grading Excavation

A grading excavation is a process of securing a flat surface with specified slope for construction works, such as a foundation, a railway, a road, a landscape, etc. The grading excavation most commonly requires heavy machines, such as bulldozers and excavators to roughly prepare the area, and a grader machine to give a smooth finish. With these excavation tools and a proper plan, it is almost impossible for the operators not to create a well-graded area.


A grader machine is a construction machine that features a long blade positioned between the front and the rear axle. There are many grader machine models that come with two long blades. The additional blade is positioned in the front of the front axle. The grader machine is most efficient for grading excavation, but it can also be very efficient for spreading, earth-moving, cleaning brush and debris, snow removal, etc. Also, the grader machine supports a wide range of attachments, which makes it very versatile. In the past, the larger grader machine models have been an essential part of the mining industry, but today the grader machine is used for variety of applications.

Every construction company uses specific design techniques and specific types of grader machine to prepare the area for building. Also, the process requires special training of the operators and few years of experience before grading, because it is not that simple as it seems. Grading excavation process includes measuring the amount of ground that the operators should remove from a specific location using markers and measurement devices. Only then the operator can start grading the area with a quality grader machine.

People that operate a grader machine are called grading operators, and they are responsible for the grading excavation process. Qualified and well-trained, the grading operators know how to properly operate a grader machine. The grading operators shave the dirt to a specific measurements from the surface and create a well-graded area. But the grader machine might be dangerous for novice grading operators.

Although most people say that building a road that will last for decades depends on an impeccable design, it equally depends on well-performed grading excavation. The process starts with removal of shrub and trees, and then the grade machine does the job. The road must be well-graded to the specified grade before adding any additional materials to the surface, in order to prevent flooding issues in the future.