What Makes a Good Cubby House

When it comes to buying a cubby house for your children, you do not want to simply pick the first one you see. You want to buy a good cubby house, one that is fun, interesting and that can withstand the various adventures that are going to happen in there. So before making the final purchase, make sure you do your homework and do a research to find out some of the most basic features that a good cubby house needs to have.

What are the Features of a Good Cubby House?

To put it simple, it should be a combination of children and grown-up activities and design. As you know, kids love to mimic their parents, so having their own little home where they are the boss is very interesting for them; but a good cubby house should also have all the elements at a height appropriate for kids. Few windows which will enable your kids to see what is going on outside, and having more than one entry will definitely make the cubby house fun yet practical.


How to Choose a Good Cubby House?

The thing is, you should give your kids various options so that they can create or change their own spaces. Interest can be obtained through colour, ladders to climb, shelving, etc. Moreover, when selecting a cubby house, it is also a great idea to ask your kids for help. Allow them to pick the ones they like (so they feel a part of the process), and then make your final decision. Or, maybe you feel like undertaking a DIY cubby house project? That could be fun too.

Should the Cubby House Match Your House?

Not necessarily. But if you want the cubby house to be integrated in your garden, then you should go for something that relates to your house. Keep in mind that bright colours often fade on the sun, thus, neutral colours are a more practical option for these kinds of toys.

What Elements Should It Consist Of?

Today the variety of cubby houses is huge. Therefore, you can find custom-designed cubby houses, which allow you to add any element you may want to be in there, such as multiple entry and exit points and maybe a second level. However, you should avoid complicated and themed designs, as children are more likely to get tired from them. Also, keep an eye for the basic safety features. Be aware of falling hazards, safety rails, open ladders and potential weak parts. Also, make sure that the paint and plastic it features are kid-friendly.