What Makes Dog Show Trolleys Essential Pieces of Equipment?

There are many things that go into making your show dog truly show-worthy – paperwork, styling products and treats that some of the most common ones “newbies” know of, but a seasoned show dog owner or handler knows that one of the most underrated pieces of dog show equipment is the show trolley. A great trolley allows you to safely and comfortably transport your furry pal. it is easy to access and allows you to carry all the other show-winning accessories you have with you. Dog show trolleys are available in a variety of sizes and can be made from a wide range of materials.

No matter your choice, a show trolley will ensure you have everything neatly organised and ready to go on the day of the dog show. After spending hours early in the morning grooming your furry friend, things can get overwhelming even for the most seasoned dog show veteran. A dog show trolley can easily get your pal safely into the show, without the risk of him getting dirty or injured, reducing your stress and allowing you to get back to the excitement and fun that made him fall in love with dog shows. But how do you find the ideal dog show cage trolley?

First and foremost, the trolley should be lightweight, versatile, convenient to use and easy to steer. With the right trolley, you won’t have to be lugging bags full of supplies in one hand and your dog in the other. The ideal unit should be made of lightweight material (like aluminium), feature wheels that swivel 360 degrees and easy-to-grip handles, making it easy to move around corners, through crowds and packed staging areas. Aluminium show trolley models can make travel effortless altogether, no matter whether you’re flying to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere in Australia to partake in a show. The trolley will keep your dog comfortable and safely contained.

Some models can be folded down easily so you can pack it in your vehicle or easily store it. There are also trolleys made for owners who have multiple show dogs that are just as easy to handle. Further, there are trolleys with two, three and four-berth options, allowing you to quickly access your dog, and with a stable, flat top, you can groom your dog conveniently before you hit the ring. Bottom line is, dog show trolleys are available in a wide range of configurations, allowing dog owners to choose a style and design that suits their needs best.

Since show trolleys can be quite the investment, you don’t want to buy a model that won’t stand the test of time. That being said, you’ll want to find a dog show trolley for sale that’s made of durable materials, like aluminium. Aluminium show trolley models are the main choice of many, simply because they combine the best of both worlds – strength and light weight. The floors, lids and dividers can be made of high-density polyethylene. These materials make it so the trolley can handle a lot of wear and tear over many years. For extra protection against the elements, the trolley can be powder coated, which can also ensure the paint doesn’t flake. With such a durable trolley, the worst-case scenario would be you replacing the grips and wheels every few years.

From Chihuahuas to Golden Retrievers, dog owners can rest assured they’ll find a trolley that’s perfect with for their pup. These units come in a wide range of sizes suitable to accommodate various breeds. Furthermore, show trolleys are available in different colours, allowing experienced owners to pick the best colour to represent their dog’s coat. Every trolley can be as unique as your dog, adding to their entire performance in the show.

Dog show trolleys can come with a wide range of features and accessories. For instance, they can come with wheels that lock, so you can rest assured your dog won’t roll away while you’re doing paperwork. Further, they can come with fan bars, feed bowl bars and rubber handle grips. As aforementioned, they can be customised to meet your needs, from rubber grooming mats and grooming arms to an organisation system for your paperwork, treats and brushes – you won’t have to sacrifice comfort, as everything you need is just within arm’s reach. Accessories, such as trolley skirts, can keep the dirt and dust away from the trolley, and they can protect your dog from exposure to UV rays, while still providing it with visibility and fresh air.

You can find a large selection of dog show trolleys online and pick one that represents your dog best. Make sure you’re shopping from a reputable vendor who provides quality goods, offers advice and has a history of supplying owners with valuable products that have stood the test of time.